Text Recognition AI Plugin to Extend BPA Apps Capabilities
PRIVACON Trusts BPA for Overall Business Management
Text Recognition AI Plugin Brings Unique OCR Capabilities to BPA Apps

Discover a disruptive way to scan a business card, read contact details and transfer data in BPA software, by using a mobile phone or a tablet.

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PRIVACON Trusts BPA for Overall Business Management

PRIVACON’s top management was looking for a solution delivering maximum revenue/cost efficiency and they are very satisfied about the highly usable solution obtained with a small investment, what was a clear benefit compared to other solutions.

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Digital Revolution 4.0 – BPA Exhibits at FOREP 2019

As a sponsor and exhibitor of FOREP 2019, BPA will present disruptive solutions, like conversation flows to solve business processes; AI for object detection and text recognition; mobile apps for incident and audit management.

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