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You asked, we replied. You challenged, we clarified!

Here is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions. Whether you’re curious about our products or want to learn more about our services, you’ll find the information you need right here. Our goal is to make your experience with us as seamless as possible.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

Pricing and Subscription

What is the price per user/month, and how is it billed?
The price depends on the number of licenses purchased. We have cost-effective reader licenses. Subscription is billed on an annual basis. Users can use Forms to populate the software at no cost.

Is Software Assurance included in the annual subscription fee?
Yes, BPA Software Assurance (SA) is included.

Is training included in the subscription?
Training is included together with implementation services. During the implementation phase, we deliver transfer knowledge to power users.


What is the cost for support?
Support (software maintenance) is included in the subscription. We have a ticketing system.

Are clients notified of software updates?
Yes, clients are informed via BPA’s community portal. Release notes are published in the portal.

Integration and Customization

Can BPA integrate with Dynamics 365?
Yes, we have a Dynamics 365 connector

Can BPA integrate with SAP?
Yes, it is possible and considered as a separate custom project.

Are there plans for a phone app?
Yes, the software runs on any device. For maximum user experience, selected PowerApps are available.

Is there documentation around API?
BPA uses standard SharePoint API; specific integration details can be reviewed based on requirements.

Licensing and Payments

What happens if the monthly payment for licenses stops?
Answer: BPA proposes an annual subscription contract with an annual billing cycle. If canceled on time, subscription stops at the end of the current period.

Can a one-time payment be made for purchasing your products?
No, BPA does not offer a single payment option, only subscription mode is available.

What happens if we stop our contract with BPA Solutions?
All your data remains available in SharePoint. You won’t be able to access the BPA software and features anymore.

Software Updates

How often are software updates released?
Monthly updates (CU) and major updates twice a year.

What is the scope of monthly releases?
Monthly releases include corrections, new features, product improvements.

Data Storage and Security

Where is data stored, and who controls it?
Data is securely stored in the client Microsoft 365 environment in SharePoint, controlled by the client.

Is there any documentation on security and compliance?
Microsoft Cloud is the most secure location for your data. Detailed documentation on our software architecture is available on request.

Training and Customization

What is required for configuring the software?
We transfer knowledge to Power Users while configuring the software for the client to quickly become autonomous

Do you offer training?
Yes, implementation services include training and knowledge transfer.

SharePoint and CRM

Is the CRM SharePoint-based?

Does the CRM/eQMS integrate with other systems?
Yes, integrating with BPA software is like integrating with SharePoint. Many connectors exist depending on your needs.

Access and External Users

Can external users access BPA software?
Yes, as guest users. Many scenarios are possible. External stakeholders can submit data by using forms, at no cost.

How are external users (suppliers, auditors) handled?
The simplest option is to share forms with external users. This is a no-cost approach for populating your BPA software.

Performance and Navigation

What if performance is slow?
Performance depends on the location where your data is stored (datacenter) and Internet connectivity. In normal conditions, the performance is great.

Implementation Approach

What is BPA’s implementation approach?
BPA follows an agile methodology for implementing our solutions. Because we have prebuilt app packages and workflows, the implementation is usually very quick and effective (3-5 days).

SharePoint Cloud Migration

Why migrate to SharePoint Online in the cloud?
Microsoft is trusted by 1+ million companies worldwide and ensures the highest security for your data. Above all, you will reduce infrastructure and resource costs by moving to the cloud with a ROI bigger than 300%.

Azure Environment

Is an Azure environment needed?
Yes, it’s included in the subscription and managed by BPA. Clients might decide to have their own Azure environment.

Company Overview

Can you provide an outline of BPA’s services and partnerships?
BPA develops regulatory software solutions. We have over 200 clients in 25 countries. We are a Microsoft preferred partner with 15+ years of development expertise. We mostly implement our solutions directly and work with partners on larger projects.

Client Information

How many current clients does BPA have?
BPA has over 200 clients in 25 countries, from 5 to 5000 users in all sectors, mostly manufacturing and medical.

Can you provide evidence of successful projects?
Yes, client case studies and videos are on our website and new testimonials are constantly added. Discover our success stories. 

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