Audit Software on Microsoft 365 – Live Demo from ASQ Audit Division Conference

As platinum sponsor of the last ASQ Audit Division Conference in Orlando FL, BPA presented innovative software solutions for audit management on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps and Power BI, leveraging existing technologies used by most organizations.

This live presentation was performed by Belinda Schöni, CEO at BPA Solutions USA, and highlights how companies can best use new Microsoft technologies in the context of audit management and continuous improvement.

In one hour, the software is installed in your secure Microsoft cloud environment and it’s ready for use by all collaborators on their preferred tools, like Teams or SharePoint on any device.

You can trust Microsoft to bring the best security for your QMS data. All users are already setup in your company directory to use the software with no change needed. Organizations benefit from Microsoft retention policies, user permission features and the latest M365 technologies.

With the audit module included in the software, audits can be accessed in SharePoint or Teams. Audit planning is simplified with Teams calendar. Teams propose the best time for your audits based on collaborator availabilities and notifications will be sent in each personal calendar. Audit questions can be selected from your own catalogue and appended to audits.

BPA has developed a generic Audit Power Apps to simplify the audit execution on any device, even while offline. Auditors can run audits anytime, anywhere, go through questions and touch screen to set compliance, take photos and record voice.

After the audit was executed, optional findings are added in the software and automated workflows start and alert the right persons throughout the whole 8D problem solving process. An audit report is automatically generated, merging audit details, photos, findings in a formatted document ready to be shared with the concerned persons.

Supplier responses to non-conformances can be collected easily with Forms and appended in the QMS software, making collaboration with external stakeholders straightforward.

Finally, Power BI dashboard display consolidated graphics about audit coverage and findings with data mining capabilities and automated chart filtering.

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