BPA CRM wins SharePoint Award 2013

BPA CRM 2013 was selected Best SharePoint 2013 App Finalist at the European SharePoint Community Awards 2013.

One year ago, BPA was selected as the sole non-American player in the Office-SharePoint 15 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) by Microsoft. Our project was very challenging for both BPA and Microsoft. The idea was to develop a CRM App based on SharePoint online and Azure and available with Office 365. Even more challenging, we wanted to have as far as possible the same code for the App to be deployed either on the Microsoft cloud or on-premise and keep performance high.

The BPA CRM App contains a lot of custom web parts. The challenge we defined with Microsoft was to have one code with few minor differences that would run with SharePoint 2010/2013 on-premise or SharePoint 2013 Online. This was achieved mainly by developing a data access layer called BPA Data Kernel which became now the single data access point for any BPA App, providing general portability, stability and performance. That’s a very complex ecosystem that our senior development team could challenge (see fig. 1).

BPA CRM 2013

After more than a year/man development effort and weekly conference calls with Microsoft HQ in Redmond we finally launched the first (and still unique) App running on Azure and storing data in SharePoint lists with Office 365. BPA CRM 2013 Preview is now available at the Microsoft App store at http://officepreview.microsoft.com/en-us/store/bpa-crm-2013-preview-WA103328835.aspx?redir=0

The BPA CRM App extends SharePoint capabilities with enhanced ergonomics, data display & edition layers an

BPA CRM runs on a unique cross-platform technology that can now be deployed on any environment: on-premise, private cloud and Microsoft cloud. The tool can further be extended to any BPA xRM App (BPA Quality, Risk, Recruiting, and Project) with no code using the powerful BPA xRM platform. BPA Apps and the powerful BPA xRM platform bring a complete business governance platform for SharePoint.d a lot of coming features already available with SharePoint on-premise like document mail merging, advanced emailing capabilities, advanced reporting tools and many more.

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