CPM Agency & BPA Announce Partnership to Deliver Best in Class Solutions

April 2020 – CPM Agency and BPA Solutions announce partnership to deliver best in class performance solutions.

About CPM Agency

CPM Agency works in close collaboration with its customers to develop and integrate decision-making, data and collaborative platforms in a personalized manner, thus meeting their needs. These new generation solutions allow them to make the best decisions and to master their processes to maximize their results and ensure their growth.

CPM Agency focuses on data intelligence and collaborative platforms.

“With BPA Solutions as a partner, CPM Agency will be able to deliver high level solutions for customer success. This partnership will allow CPM Agency to optimize SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 based solutions with the innovative BPA software.” said M. Marcel Bila, Founding Partner, CPM Agency.

About BPA Solutions SA

Since 2001, BPA Solutions is a leading global provider of business software solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies. BPA develop innovative software – Quality, GDPR, CRM – with the highest flexibility, for better quality and simplified regulatory compliance. BPA Solution Builder gives developers a wide range of integrated components to accelerate development and maximize user experience with SharePoint. BPA is proud to be part of the Microsoft Business Applications program as Preferred SharePoint applications. Headquartered in Switzerland, with an office in Seattle USA, BPA is ready to support your digital transformation initiatives. BPA Solutions – Innovative Software for Better Quality.

“CPM Agency can truly add value to our solutions, especially on the business intelligence side. Our organizations have great synergies to better serve clients for end-to-end business solutions”, said Dr. Boris Lutz, CEO & Founder, BPA Solutions SA.

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