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How Digital Quality Will Transform Your Business

Digital transformation has not equally reached all company services. HR and CRM processes are digitalized since years. In the contrary, QM processes are usually Excel and paper-based.

365 daily quality: thanks to the latest Microsoft technologies, it’s now possible to access your QMS system anytime and anywhere, geolocate incidents, take pictures, videos or voice messages with your mobile devices.

Asking your QMS: the latest Microsoft technologies make it possible to ask vocal questions to your QMS and get instant responses, for example asking your device for the latest non-conformances you will get an interactive chart as an answer.
Asking your QMS
Taking faster decisions: a digital QMS is a collaborative workspace where everyone can log activities and events. In querying the system, decision makers are autonomous to take faster decisions.

Quality for everyone: a collaborative digital solution will make the QMS participative. Inputs from each single collaborator will be considered in the system increasing employee motivation and decentralizing the QMS.

Spending time on interesting activities: Compared with a traditional system, a digital QMS will reduce time to administrate a heavy paper-based system and reduce risk of errors. Workflows will do the work for you and shorten processes.

Saving costs: A digital QMS will drastically save cost by eradicating the need of paper, reducing administrative tasks like copying information in different files or preparing reports.

Improving quality: unlike silo-based systems, an integrated digital QMS gives the overall picture of interrelated quality processes and drives continuous improvement.

Renewing certificates: a digital QMS will give quality directors precious time to improve processes and renew certificates with no need to worry about administrative tasks.

Developing a preventive attitude: identifying risks will prevent unfortunate events to occur. A transversal risk management module will facilitate anyone to declare risks related with any quality process.

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