Reshape audit management with BPA and GenAI

Auditing the QMS is essential to ensure all processes are efficient to deliver the best products and services to your customers.

It is time consuming to manage customer audits and prepare internal audits. While answering audit questions with reference to applicable compliance documents, sometimes might take days of work.

BPA has developed “Q”, the Quality Virtual Assistant, to simplify quality management by using Generative AI. In the case of audit management, we combine GenAI and automation to drastically save time and improve efficiency when auditing.

Imagine you can ask each audit question to ChatGPT and produce an audit report including answers with related compliance documents and automate the whole process to avoid any manual work. This is what we have done with impressive results! The audit report is generated in minutes, saving you days of work.


Behind the scenes

Concretely, a preconfigured automated workflow goes through each question, asks ChatGPT, and sends answers in a formatted Word report. The system has been developed to be as generic as possible in order support any type of audit or inspection checklist. Simply mass import your questions from a spreadsheet and let ChatGPT find answers based on your internal QMS documents. It’s quick, simple and extremely efficient.

The ultimate companion for your daily Quality Management tasks

“Q”, the Quality Virtual Assistant, drastically simplifies customer audits by generating a complete audit report with no manual task needed. It’s also very effective to prepare an ideal checklist for internal audits, generating answers for each question and listing applicable compliance documents, saving a lot of time and increasing audits’ efficiency.

Go a step further with BPA’s software and combine the GenAI power with process automation to solve complex business needs, minimizing manual work, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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