How Generative AI leverages your internal eQMS data

GenAI, or Generative Artificial Intelligence, brings substantial benefits to Quality Management.

Fueled by Microsoft 365, our eQMS solutions BPAQuality365® and BPAMedical365® benefit from the relentless development thrust of Microsoft, bringing ingenious features to the market, as it leverages the latest AI advancements. BPA Pilot is a new extension soon to be released to our customers which relies on OpenAI’s ChatGPT to drastically streamline quality management and accelerate business efficiency. Working on both internal eQMS files and data and/or external data, BPA Pilot can be reached through Microsoft Teams or through BPA’s QMS software interface and acts like a chatbot.

Unlike Microsoft Copilot, which is purely dedicated to office productivity, BPA Pilot has been developed to boost the productivity of your Quality Management System, helping users to solve problems, find the right information and comply with complex regulations.

Use cases are infinite! Here is a selection of examples on how BPA Pilot can assist you in reference to your internal eQMS data.

Finding the right information in the whole eQMS is not as trivial as you might think. Traditional search engines like Google or the SharePoint search engine display results based on the exact match of the searched keywords. However, they both won’t be that efficient for searching across contextual documents presenting different yet related keywords.

Generative AI (GenAI) provides you with an overview of the best matching documents – and their corresponding hyperlinks – related to the prompt you made. This drastically improves the efficiency of your teams when searching for specific information.

AI can be leveraged to support employee training on quality standards and procedures, ensuring everyone is up to date with the latest requirements. To go even further, you can prompt BPA Pilot to provide you with a list of questions for training collaborators on a specific topic (e.g. data breach policy). As a result, these questions include a reference to corresponding context-related compliance documents available in the eQMS, guiding employees to correctly answer these questions. A quiz may be generated in minutes and swiftly shared with collaborators, ensuring they have assimilated important procedures.

Similarly, you may ask GenAI to list questions useful to evaluate suppliers and generate a supplier qualification form ready to be shared with any external supplier. Since filling out a Microsoft Form does not require any additional license, this interaction with external stakeholders can be done at zero extra cost. Making it a truly cost-effective cross-functional as well as cross-organizational platform.

By providing accurate data analysis and insights, AI enables informed and strategic decision-making impacting positively your quality outcomes. As a key decision maker, you might not have that much time to invest in querying Power BI reports to find the data you’re looking for. By simply asking a question in ordinary language, BPA Pilot helps you to quickly retrieve the right information. For example, to the question “what are the most frequent root causes in nonconformities?”, you get a summary of root causes with their related nonconformities as displayed in the following picture.

Shortly, GenAI will become our daily companion to perform all types of tasks. With BPA Pilot, you can start today to improve the quality of your delivered products and services. View this video to have a first idea of what you could achieve! 

If you wish to know more about BPA Pilot’s potential, join us in our next webinar where we will demo some key use cases that will revolutionize your approach to quality management.

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