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Graphical Process-Oriented QMS

Graphical QMS

Embedded PowerPoint graphics and breadcrumb for easy process-oriented QMS navigation.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Using graphics to display value-added processes helps users to understand how your company works.

At BPA, we like to make things easier for end users. Starting from your own process map, users simply click to view how a process works, access related process documents and other improvement data.

In the process page, users can further click a graphical flow chart to drill down sub processes and view related documents. And this can be repeated further. BPA tools and components adapt to any process structure easily.

With the BPA Master Detail component, users never get lost in the process structure and can easily navigate processes using the process breadcrumb in the left part of the page.

Process owners are independent to create process maps and flow charts by using PowerPoint or Visio templates. Graphics are embedded in BPA components and dynamically updated when source files are modified. This drastically simplifies the maintenance of a multi-level graphical process navigation system.

We also developed the same approach with entities and departments. Users can navigate in the QMS by clicking multi-level organization charts.

By using BPA modern apps for Quality and Medical Compliance, you can create a visually attractive process-oriented QMS system and make it easy for end users to access important information for their daily activities.

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