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What Does AI Bring to Your Quality Management System?

BPA Solutions has explored different AI tools and their usage for quality management, such as chatbots, object detection, and prediction.

Innovative Software for Better Quality

Ask a chatbot to search the QMS and share interactive cards with your colleagues in real-time discussion flows.

AI is everywhere but what can it really bring to you Quality Management System?

As a software editor in the Microsoft ecosystem, we are investigating AI tools based on MS technologies in the context of quality management. AI models are used to simplify tasks such as prediction, form/document processing, object detection, category classification, and entity extraction.

At BPA, we mostly work on AI models to identify key elements in the text and classify them into predefined categories. This model allows users to ask common questions to a chatbot (in Microsoft Teams) and get relevant content from your eQMS, like my pending actions, or last published documents. Also, we use AI to search for similar documents or non-conformances and simplify problem solving. These tools provide a new way to use the eQMS with productive real-time discussions, avoiding cumbersome email processes, and simplifying user experience. We recently introduced these AI tools to the market as powerful eQMS extensions.

We have investigated the object detection AI model which is interesting for quality control operations, or inventory management. However, this model needs to get trained with thousands of photos. For equipment verification, we developed a Power Apps with a barcode scanner to quickly identify equipment with no need to train an AI model which is costly and long with potential inaccuracies as a result.

This leads to always consider time, cost and results when using AI.

Prediction AI models are used to analyze patterns in historical data that you provide and predict future outcomes. This is used for preventive equipment maintenance or statistical process control.

Can ChatGPT Help in the Context of Quality Management?

ChatGPT is not (yet) able to index the whole content from your eQMS software. It has been designed to retrieve content from the whole Internet community. In this context, ChatGPT could assist quality managers to make informed decisions and enforce good quality management practices.

chatGPT for quality management

By combining contextual data from your eQMS with domain of expertise, ChatGPT can provide guidance to Q-Managers and simplify quality management.

BPA is investigating possible ways to use ChatGPT and combine contextual eQMS content with domain of expertise. For example, asking for possible corrective actions for a temperature excursion non-conformance with a pharmaceutical product, or asking for possible root causes for such a non-conformance. This could bring significant improvements in the quality landscape.

Enable the Future of Quality

With the BPA QMS software, users become active participants in improving the quality of products and services across different devices such as phones and platforms, like AI and discussions, enabling the future of work and reaching smart quality. With Microsoft 365, we leverage existing technologies used by collaborators on a daily basis and enable innovative tools to simplify quality management.

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