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Bridging the Gap for Microsoft Quality Management Software Offering

Microsoft doesn’t provide any software solutions intended for quality management. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft provides access to tools for sales, finance, HR, and supply chain purposes. However, a quality management solution is clearly missing from the Microsoft software catalogue.

Microsoft 365 doesn’t serve as a Quality Management System (QMS) software solution but it brings the main ingredients needed for a QMS, like strong collaboration capabilities with SharePoint, tools for videoconferencing and discussions with Teams, workflow automation with Power Automate, tools for Business Intelligence with Power BI, and much more.

BPAQuality365® feature and technology overview video.

BPA Solutions has developed an end-to-end QMS software on Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI, bridging the gap in Microsoft’s offering for quality management solutions. Currently, there are two software versions available for quality management – BPAQuality365® – and compliance in regulated industries – BPAMedical365®. Our 6th generation software is the result of more than 20 years of professional expertise as well as Microsoft development experience. A great deal of attention has been paid to the overall performance and user experience during the redesign phase.

End-to-End QMS Software To Reach Quality 4.0

BPA’s software on Microsoft 365 helps organizations implement Quality 4.0 use cases at every stage of the value chain, from research and development to sales, including cross-functional collaboration.

Shift to Quality 4.0

Shifting to Quality 4.0 with BPA QMS on Microsoft 365.

Our end-to-end QMS software includes over 30 different integrated modules to continuously improve processes as well as the overall quality of the final products and services. Together with Microsoft 365, we make everyone an active participant by simplifying access to the QMS on any device, improving transparency, auditability, and orchestrating excellence. By leveraging existing technologies used by collaborators on a daily basis, we make everyone engaged in the QMS. BPA’s software helps organizations shift to Quality 4.0 by bringing people, processes and technologies together.

  • People- Providing simple tools to improve quality for everyone and on any device
  • Processes- Providing instant quality improvement with team-oriented workflows and discussions
  • Technology- Unleashing the power of Microsoft 365 technologies with workflow automation, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence

Moving to a Cross-Functional Team-Oriented QMS Software

Microsoft Teams has become a standard teamworking tool worldwide. Organizations have begun to create new ways of increasing productivity with cross-functional and cross-organizational teams. Including internal and external stakeholders on secured workspaces and workflows has made relationships and organizational boundaries evolve. This has revealed opportunities for cross-organizational process improvement.

Integrating Teams discussions, video conferencing and business intelligence in the QMS enables instant quality improvement while also boosting productivity. With Microsoft Teams, the QMS software integrates along with tools used by frontline collaborators, workers in the field and back-office collaborators. This is a new opportunity for organizations to replace traditional email-driven workflows while dispelling common information clusters in departments.

Teams Productivity Card

Users interact with the QMS while chatting in Teams and share QMS documents or data with colleagues, and simplify meeting and task management.

Meeting Your Unique Needs With An Agile QMS Software

As quality experts, we designed an agile QMS software to meet various organization’s unique needs. This is thanks to modular components and flexible workflow automation. Clients have full control of changing the software while adopting the best QM practices possible.

BPA modular components extend Microsoft capabilities, providing a great user experience while filling in the gaps of missing features that are needed for a high-performing QMS. This includes relational capabilities, report generation, graphical charts, eSignatures, intelligent forms, reminders and more. At BPA Solutions, we are certain that QMS software has to be versatile enough to adapt to client organizations. We believe it’s counterproductive when organizations have to adapt their processes to match rigid software solutions.

Agile QMS

Clients have full control to change the QMS software and automated workflows.

Achieving More With Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI

Microsoft constantly brings new technologies into the market and innovates the way organizations will work in the future. When using Microsoft 365, our QMS software directly benefits from these technologies. BPA continually explores new areas to use innovative tools in the context of quality management. We have designed powerful software extensions built on the latest Microsoft technologies, ready to be implemented by customers without the need for development. This includes pre-built automated workflows with Power Automate and generic Power Apps for incident and audit management. With artificial intelligence we provide tools to augment human intelligence. This allows for the opportunity to find the right documents by asking common questions to a chatbot.

With Microsoft Teams, we are working on developing new innovative features to use the QMS alongside discussion flows. Users interact with the QMS while they’re chatting in Teams. They then have the ability to share cards with colleagues including QMS documents and data. Microsoft Planner is a great tool for managing tasks. Interfacing the QMS with Planner will bring about powerful task management capabilities and reminders in the QMS. BPA’s quality software is easy to interface with Dynamics 365 thanks to pre-built Microsoft connectors. This represents the ideal quality management extension to Microsoft Dynamics.

Incident Power Apps

Generic Power Apps to register incidents, browse a failure catalogue, & take photos by using any device.

5 Reasons Microsoft 365 is the Right Technology for Your QMS

We are convinced that Microsoft 365 is the right technology for your QMS. Here’s why.

1. Trusted

Microsoft 365 is trusted by millions of companies worldwide. It’s a secure and scalable platform to run your QMS with no legitimate IT risk. You can leverage existing tools used by organizations.

2. Engaging

Running your QMS software on the Microsoft tools used by collaborators in their daily work will drastically improve adoption and make everyone an active participant of your QMS, without changing users habits.

3. Innovative

Companies bring their QMS to the next level and discover new technology areas, like cross-functional teamworking, instant discussions, cross-technology process automation, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

4. Secure

Microsoft has spent billions of dollars to make Office 365 a robust cloud platform while providing the best security for your QMS data.

5. Cost-effective

By leveraging acquired Microsoft technologies, organizations will drastically lower costs compared to third party QMS software and maximize return on investment.

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Benefiting from the agility and the power of the Microsoft platform, BPA Solutions has developed an end-to-end QMS software on Microsoft 365 to help customers to achieve more, leveraging modern, evolving tools and exploring new technology areas.

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