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Non-Conformance Power Apps and Failure Catalogue

BPA’s Non-conformance Power Apps (or Incident Power Apps) is a generic app for collaborators to simply register incidents or non-conformances with any device, anywhere even while offline, for example when visiting clients or suppliers, during inspection controls, in the field, or on production lines.

Combining the front-end Non-conformance Power Apps and backend QMS software, enterprises get an end-to-end solution for optimal problem solving, allowing everyone to report incidents easily with any device, anywhere.

Non-conformance + failure catalogue Power Apps quick overview video.

On production lines, end users can browse the failure catalogue, enlarge photos and take quick decisions about product acceptance with no need to ask line managers.

We designed the app for a large manufacturing enterprise and prepared a generic app version to match various organizations unique requirements with no or little configuration needed. It’s ready to be used with BPA Quality or Medical software on Microsoft 365, avoiding complex and costly app development.

The main purpose of the Power Apps is to replace manual processes and paper systems when managing incidents or nonconformities at each stage of the value chain. Collaborators can search the failure catalogue by product, process, failure type or by scanning a product bar code (option) and compare a nonconformity with a registered incident. Each registered incidents contains one or many photos to simplify comparison, and includes additional information, like product acceptance for clients, cause, remedies and a link to related procedure.

No need to ask line managers anymore, the Power Apps bring all needed information to take quick decisions about nonconformities. When no similar nonconformity exists in the failure catalogue, a new incident can be easily registered and include one or many photos taken with your device.

Once registered the incident is automatically added in the BPA QMS software. An automated workflow starts to alert the support team with a notification in Microsoft Teams. Instant discussions and teamworking accelerates the incident assignment, investigation, risk and root cause analysis, action plan, and solving. BPA has developed a new innovative way of productive real-time messaging to solve problems, avoiding frustration spending too much time on emails.

Solved incidents and non-conformances can be added in the failure catalogue together with investigation information and photos, and will be accessible in the Power Apps.

Enable continuous improvement with the BPA Non-conformance Power Apps and take faster decisions on production lines with a digital failure catalogue.

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