Introducing Microsoft Planner Integration With BPA Apps

Exciting news, it’s now possible to use Microsoft Planner as a robust task management system together with BPA software.

With Planner, you make sure tasks are done timely thanks to a powerful reminder system and tools to view tasks in graphical boards and charts.

Task Reminder Notification

Reminder notification with user-related tasks grouped by due date.

BPA software solutions bring the business layer on the top of Planner. End users can assign a Planner task from our components in a mouse click and keep the task origin automatically. For example, starting from a non-conformance, the task will be automatically linked with it.

BPA Planner Task

Creating a task from the BPA software is straightforward. it will be automatically added to the right plan and bucket in Planner and linked with its original item in BPA.

Organizations can decide to have different Planner plans per BPA software module, so tasks will be grouped by module, for example a plan for non-conformance related tasks and another plan for audit tasks with BPAQuality365, or a plan for sales opportunities in BPACRM365. It’s even possible to send a task in a specific bucket based on configurable conditions (e.g. a task related to a customer non-conformance should go to the customer NC bucket).

Non-conformance Planner Board

Non-conformance task plan in BPAQuality365 with different buckets for customer, supplier and internal non-conformance related tasks.

Tasks related to a specific item in the BPA software can be easily filtered (e.g. by typing the non-conformance title or ID).

The Planner board view makes it very convenient to view tasks by due date or progression.

Task Board by Due Date

Example of non-conformance related tasks grouped by due date (overdue, tomorrow, this week, etc.).

The chart dashboard gives a graphical summary of all tasks in a plan, like how many overdue tasks remain or the number of tasks per bucket.

Planner Chart View

Chart view of all non-conformance related tasks, grouped by status, bucket, priority, and members with interactive task filtering options.

For a consolidated view of all QMS-related tasks, it’s best to connect to the Planner app directly. This will drastically improve your QMS task management meetings.

With the BPA Planner extension, you get a robust and performing task management system to enable continuous improvement and ensure tasks won’t be missed or overdue anymore.

The BPA Planner extension will be soon available (should be under the Christmas tree) to all customers using BPA modern solutions on M365, at no additional cost.

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