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Bringing Quality 4.0 to SMBs, Simple & Cost-Effective

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have no time for complex eQMS projects and no resources for costly quality management software.

Good news! Even small companies can now benefit from modern software solutions to implement Quality 4.0 scenarios with no pain, quickly and cost-effectively.

With BPA software and apps on Microsoft 365, SMBs leverage innovative technologies already used by collaborators with no need to implement third party eQMS software. M365 is the right foundation for your eQMS, because it’s trusted, engaging, innovative, secure, and affordable.

Microsoft 365

Leverage existing Microsoft technologies used by your organization to reach your Quality 4.0 objectives.

In the journey towards implementing Quality 4.0 initiatives, we recommend to start simple by prioritizing your pain points (e.g. compliance document management, non-conformance handling, audit management…) and implement quick and effective solutions in 3 to 5 days of external guidance over a period of 3-4 months. During weekly online sessions with the client, we configure the QMS forms and pages to meet unique requirements and transfer knowledge to power users. We import prebuilt automated workflows (e.g. document approval, 8D problem solving…) selected by the client and go live quickly module by module. This brings excellent results with limited effort.

Agile QMS

Generic Power Automate workflows are ready to be imported in the client tenant for a quick go live.

Existing client data can be migrated easily from spreadsheets or other systems, and documents can be published in their existing formats. Graphical process maps and organization charts can be embedded in the QMS, making all collaborators aware of how your company works.

You can expect great results in a very short time. Your QMS becomes a central place for everyone to collaborate on any device. With automated workflows, the right persons get alerted on Teams and processes are much more efficient.


The Audit Power Apps drastically simplifies audits, even while offline.

Whatever your maturity in the digital journey, we can start with simple scenarios and progressively introduce advanced solutions with Power Apps, Power BI, artificial intelligence and instant discussions.

Quality 4.0 is not just for large enterprises, and any company can benefit from digital transformation. It’s simple, cost-effective and it brings quick results.

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