Why is BPA the Right Partner for Your Quality Management Software Project?

BPA Solutions specializes in quality management software, combining Swiss expertise in quality management with strong Microsoft 365 development capabilities to offer innovative solutions that cater to various industries and ensure security, efficiency, and adaptability.

Quality Management Is at the Heart of our Identity

BPA Solutions used to be a company that helped other businesses implement their quality management system. Back in the 1990s, we began setting up quality management systems for Swiss organizations. Our expertise in Quality Management, known as “Swiss Quality,” and our customer-focused consulting approach are the strong pillars of BPA Solutions.

Swiss Quality Software

Expertise in Microsoft 365 and Strong Development Abilities

For the past two decades, BPA has been creating software solutions using SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to simplify quality management for our clients. We’ve built up valuable skills and know-how in Microsoft technologies, assisting customers in creating custom solutions. Our software solutions are constantly evolving based on customer feedback and needs. Our development team is highly skilled in Microsoft 365 technologies like SharePoint Framework, Teams, and AI. The combination of our quality and compliance expertise along with Microsoft 365 development skills positions us as leaders in Microsoft 365 QMS software.

Smart, Agile, and Innovative Solutions

We offer user-friendly software solutions that empower employees to enhance product and service quality on various devices and platforms. We integrate innovative technologies to pave the way for intelligent quality management and the future of work. Our comprehensive range of software solutions covers quality and medical compliance, including M365-powered features such as AI, productive discussions in Teams, automated workflows, Power Apps, and integration with Dynamics 365. Our adaptable components and agile solutions cater to various industries like manufacturing, medical, and pharmaceuticals.

Strong and Secure Software Framework

Our software engineering team follows reliable development methods based on scrum and agile principles. We adhere to Microsoft’s best practices to ensure our products are high-performing and secure. Our team is certified in the latest Microsoft development technologies. Our quality assurance team conducts thorough manual and automated tests across development, staging, and pre-release environments, guaranteeing resilient software for our clients. Microsoft 365 offers robust security features like multi-factor authentication, encryption for data in transit, file-level encryption for data at rest, protection against viruses and cybercrime, tools for privacy and security, and file recovery options in case of attacks.

Secure QMS Software

Flexible Project Delivery

Drawing from our experience with over 200 clients, we’ve developed an agile project approach for implementing our solutions. We empower clients to quickly adapt the software to their needs through knowledge transfer to power users. We’ve pre-built solutions and automated workflows to meet common organizational requirements. As a result, we’ve significantly reduced the time and cost associated with implementation compared to traditional software projects.

A Dedicated Team Focused on Core Processes

BPA is an efficient organization with offices in Switzerland and the US. We concentrate on three core teams and processes: marketing and sales, project delivery, and software development. We’re experiencing organic growth, reinvesting profits to enhance our teams, develop expertise, create innovative products, and establish our Quality Management System based on ISO 27001.

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