Why Microsoft 365 is the Right Technology for Your eQMS

Microsoft 365 brings the main ingredients needed for building a highly performing eQMS, as collaboration capabilities with SharePoint, videoconferencing and discussions with Teams, robust workflow automation, and Power BI.

BPA Solutions has developed an end-to-end QMS software on Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI, bridging the gap in Microsoft’s offering for quality management solutions. By leveraging existing technologies used by collaborators on a daily basis, we ensure everyone is engaged in the QMS. BPA’s software helps organizations shift to Quality 4.0 by bringing people, processes and technologies together.

Switch to a Cross-Functional Team-Oriented QMS Software

Consult the QMS while discussing in teams and share cards with your colleagues including QMS content.

With Microsoft Teams, organizations have begun to create new ways of increasing productivity with cross-functional and cross-organizational teams, including external clients and suppliers. We developed new innovative features to use the QMS alongside discussion flows. Users interact with the QMS while they’re discussing in Teams, avoiding frustration when dealing with too many emails.

Satisfy Your Unique requirements With An Agile QMS Software

Prebuilt power automate workflows designed to meet 95% of enterprise needs with no configuration needed.

As quality experts, we designed an agile eQMS software to meet various organization’s unique needs. This is thanks to modular components and flexible workflow automation. You have full control over changing the software while adopting the best QM practices possible.

Achieve More With Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI

Prebuilt Power Apps allow users to register incidents with any device, anywhere, even offline.

Microsoft constantly brings new technologies into the market and innovates the way organizations will work in the future. When using Microsoft 365, our QMS software directly benefits from these technologies. BPA continually explores new areas to use innovative tools in the context of quality management, like AI to find the right documents by asking common questions to a chatbot, prebuilt Power BI reports, and generic Power Apps for incident and audit management.


5 Reasons Microsoft 365 Is The Right Technology For Your QMS


Microsoft 365 is trusted by millions of companies worldwide. It’s a secure and scalable platform to run your QMS with no legitimate IT risk.


Running your QMS software on the Microsoft tools used by collaborators in their daily work will drastically improve adoption and make everyone an active participant of your QMS, without changing users habits.


Microsoft has spent billions of dollars to make Office 365 a robust cloud platform while providing the best security for your QMS data.


By leveraging acquired Microsoft technologies, organizations will drastically lower costs compared to third party QMS software and maximize return on investment.


Companies bring their QMS to the next level and discover new technology areas, like cross-functional teamworking, instant discussions, cross-technology process automation, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.


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Benefiting from the agility and the power of the Microsoft platform, BPA Solutions has developed an end-to-end QMS software on Microsoft 365 to help customers to achieve more, leveraging modern, evolving tools and exploring new technology areas.

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