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Learn why we make SharePoint the best CRM


SharePoint is everywhere

Microsoft says that SharePoint is their most successful server product ever with 36.5 million in user license sales reported, between the years 2006-2011; and an estimated 2 billion in total sales reported as of 2013.

60% of U.S. companies have a SharePoint environment deployed somewhere within their organization, and 78%+ of all Fortune 500 companies have purchased it according to Gartner. Gartner tells us that SharePoint is going to be a consumer product like the iPhone.

The SharePoint community is huge. Thousands of Microsoft partners around the world work with SharePoint technologies, creating one of software technology’s biggest partner communities.

Because SharePoint is so widely deployed, and available in 70+ languages, the technology is very low risk for SMBs and enterprises. It’s also very cost effective, because SharePoint Foundation is included with Windows Server.

SharePoint includes all ingredients needed for CRM

SharePoint has all the components to act as the foundation for a full-featured, enterprise CRM system.

SharePoint is the most powerful collaborative platform in the market and includes native Office integration, powerful document management, workflow automation capabilities, alert management, connectivity with external systems, BI components, a powerful search engine and more. SharePoint is multi-tenant, allowing very large deployments with very low risk. It’s multilingual in 70+ available languages.

No other system can compete against SharePoint because of its native integration with Office tools like Outlook and its native Excel integration allowing mass importing, exporting, or editing of data.

SharePoint’s ready-made platform allowed BPA to develop a complete CRM, without having to start from ”scratch”, and, in turn, BPA CRM gives complete end-user capabilities to SharePoint.

SharePoint Foundation is free

SharePoint Foundation is free! This is good news. Many companies run SharePoint without even knowing it. It’s everywhere.

You can start with SharePoint with practically no investment and leverage your existing Microsoft infrastructure.

Users love SharePoint…

SharePoint is easy to use like navigating on the Web. Everyone loves using SharePoint because it’s easy to use.

… and administrators too

Administrators like SharePoint because it’s easy to deploy, maintain and easy to configure by non-IT people.

BPA make SharePoint the best CRM

Now that you’re convinced that SharePoint provides the best platform for CRM, let’s take a closer look at BPA’s unique selling proposal.

Includes 30+ components

BPA CRM includes 30+ components and features making it the most complete SharePoint app in the marketplace.

BPA CRM is empowering SharePoint with business features and functions.

Reducing costs by 60%+ compared to other CRM systems

Get more for less. Save at least 60% on the cost of licenses, compared to other CRMs like Sage, Sugar, – read article: moving from to BPA CRM – and others. Save even more with a server license for unlimited number of users and CRM instances. Save on all costs – license, maintenance, implementation, training and change management – and drastically reduce total cost of ownership.

BPA CRM delivers the quickest and highest return on investment.

Reducing complexity

Complexity kills user adoption. CRM users are not IT experts. Don’t take the risk to invest in a system that users won’t use. So many CRM projects fail because users don’t use the system. A CRM system needs to be simple to deliver value. A CRM is worth the data it contains.

BPA CRM was designed to have the simplest and most attractive ergonomics. It provides a clear and airy user interface with no hidden menus. You can be sure that end users will use BPA CRM in the daily business because it’s so easy to use.

Easy to use, deploy and configure

Go in the cloud or on-premise and leverage your existing Microsoft investment. The installation wizard will guide you installing and deploying the software in a few minutes. You can deploy one or many CRM instances including all features and web parts. With our configuration tools you’ll be able to adapt the system to your needs with no development. You’re ready to go in a few hours. No end-user training is required.

Each business is unique. BPA CRM will continuously adapt to your business.

More than a SharePoint template

BPA CRM is a software solution developed by a trusted software company. 60% of our staff is tasked to developing, updating and supporting our tools. BPA publishes two major releases annually. We work closely with Microsoft to deliver the best performing tools in accordance with Microsoft strategies. BPA CRM is available with SharePoint 2010 and 2013 technologies. We have launched the first business app running with Office 365.

BPA CRM enables business governance with SharePoint.

It’s fully in your hands

Start quickly. The tool is fully in your hands after a short knowledge transfer. Almost no consulting is required and implementation is quick. Start simple and expand as you choose to, even for a large deployment on many locations.

Because BPA CRM is so flexible, business and IT are in perfect harmony for the long term.

It’s completely open

BPA CRM is not a standalone system like other CRMs. It’s natively connected with all Microsoft technologies. You can further extend the system to other BPA xRM apps like project, quality, risk and recruiting management or configure your own apps using the powerful BPA xRM platform. BPA CRM is a completely open solution where you can add third party web parts from the huge SharePoint community or develop your own.

The BPA xRM platform lets you extend your CRM to track any business process.

Fits to any business sector

BPA CRM is used by 800+ customers worldwide in companies from any size and any sector. BPA CRM was designed to be the most flexible and agile CRM. It will constantly fit any business and requirement with no coding needed.

800+ customers can’t be wrong in using BPA xRM apps.

Fits to any company size and location

BPA CRM is multilingual and available in 15+ languages. It’s easy to deploy dedicated CRM instances per location drastically reducing risks for larger deployments.

BPA CRM reduces risks for large deployments.

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