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VisualSP and BPA Solutions Partner to Deliver Ultimate Customer Success

VisualSP specializes in providing context sensitive on-screen guidance to end users. The VisualSP Help System makes the end user experience simple, effortless, and efficient. It cuts down on help desk costs by providing step-by-step guidance to users at the moment of need. More than 2 million users of Microsoft technologies around the world currently benefit from the VisualSP Help System. Find out more at:

“It’s great working with BPA Solutions as a partner. BPA’s Quality & Risk Management platform is built on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, making our solutions a perfect fit. VisualSP provides BPA’s prospects with the in-context guidance they need to be successful with the platform”, said Mr. Asif Rehmani, MVP and CEO & Founder VisualSP.

Not only end users will benefit from contextual help to use BPA’s software, they will get online training about quality, risk, GDPR processes and documents to improve quality of the delivered products and services.

VisualSP is a separate add-in that works with any BPA software on Office 365.

“We have selected VisualSP because it is very intuitive. As well, their awesome team provides high quality services and products to best brands and leading businesses since 2005. Together with VisualSP we bring complete solutions for quality, risk, GDPR and CRM to maximize customers’ experience and success”, said Dr. Boris Lutz, CEO and Founder of BPA Solutions.

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