Millennials & Gen Z – BPA Apps Ready for the Future of Work

Gen Z and Millennials are the next generation of workers who have grown up with new technologies, mobile devices, and social networks.

Technologies and software solutions need to adapt to this new generation of workers. Usual software solutions need to be reengineered into user-friendly apps, compliant with any device, and including similar capabilities, like social network applications.

Future of work

BPA software solutions have been designed to include these technologies, because they are built on the latest Microsoft 365 technologies, like Teams, Power Platform, and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and productive discussion flows.

Because end users “consume” applications differently depending on their needs, location and device, we are convinced one single central application cannot make it for everyone. For this reason we have developed a central backend software solution and multiple frontend apps for different needs and situations.

We have built Power Apps for workers on the field and productions lines, to simply register incidents by taking photos with their mobile device, even while offline. Auditors have a generic Power Apps to simplify inspection work, answer interactive checklists with a tablet, record voice and take photos. The new equipment Power Apps makes it easy to scan a barcode to select an equipment, log verification date and photos. All these apps run on any device, with no need to purchase additional hardware.

Gen Z and Millennials are used to discuss on social networks. We strongly believe in productive chatting to become the future of work. With Microsoft Teams, we provide different apps to interact with the backend software by chatting. We are working on new features allowing end users to ask a chatbot to know about their pending items (e.g. my pending actions), or to register a new incident and get the incident form opened right in the chatbot.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is mostly used to augment human intelligence when working with data, to find correlations and similar information. We are working on cognitive search capabilities to find documents by asking a chatbot or from a Teams discussion. We introduced the “find similar” option for users to find similar documents based on machine learning. This options will soon be available to find similar nonconformities, helping users to solve incidents based on previous events. Stay tuned, these new options will be available soon!

Gen Z is coming and BPA apps are ready for the future of work.

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