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Three Reasons Why CRM Has the Best ROI of Any Technology Investment


In its “Technology Trends 2014” survey, Computer Economics identified CRM systems as the most low-risk/high-reward technology trend, based on cost predictability and return on investment (ROI). What factors make CRM technology such a sound investment across the board?

  1. Taking advantage of the cloud. An article on the survey by Redmond Channel Partner says that the high ROI for CRM systems “may be due to the increased use of cloud-based offerings.” Cloud-based CRM solutions help organizations avoid many upfront costs. They reduce operating expenses by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance, plus they often have lower licensing or subscription rates.
  2. Investing time wisely. Companies invest time as well as money in CRM technology. The more time saved, the greater the ROI. Cloud-based CRM solutions are on the rise and can be deployed especially quickly, without lengthy downtime and with no equipment or software to install onsite.In addition, CRM solutions are increasingly designed to plug into existing systems and software. This results in a short learning curve without a long training period. Employees can get up to speed rapidly with new CRM technology if it’s better integrated into the existing environment.
  3. Offering more flexibility. Technology changes at a dizzying pace, and CRM systems are no exception. CRM technology is keeping up with the growing trend of workplace BYOD (bring your own device) policies. Again, this means reduced hardware costs and better CRM solutions for a mobile workforce – all helping boost the ROI.CRM solutions also need to grow and adapt with organizations. More staff, more products, and, most importantly, more customers – CRM technology today is able to scale up as needed with less cost.

Flexibility, quick deployment, and cloud-based technology all help keep initial CRM investment costs low and predictable. The returns – increased sales, better customer relationships, and higher products – make CRM technology the smartest investment your organization can make. BPA Solutions is on the leading edge of these trends, and offers an award-winning CRM system that is intuitive, flexible, and already integrated with the tools you use every day. Contact us today for a free demo, or sign up for a free trial to experience the latest in CRM technology.

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