30+ SharePoint & Office 365 Components

BPA has developed 30+ integrated business components available in our no-code solution builder, BPA Quality and BPA CRM.

3 editions are available for Office 365 and SharePoint. The 365 edition is expected in 2016.

Get an overview of the main components below.

NavigationAllows displaying colored navigation buttons with icons or a text navigation. The bar is configurable for each end user. Navigation headers are collapsible.SPRING 2017
User Interface & Data ViewerThis central component highlights relations between lists and libraries. Important data is visible in one single page. 20+ actions directly in the page such as sending an email, mail merging a document, duplicating data and many more options.SPRING 2017
TabsWith this tool you have more flexibility to dispose mixed BPA components in tabs and pages, like Data Viewers, Charts, KPIs, etc.SPRING 2017
CalendarDisplaying items in a calendar view with colors. Can aggregate many lists in one single calendar.SPRING 2017
Send EmailSend one or many emails with SharePoint using shared templates. Easy recipient search in the different lists. Many options are possible to generate activities or campaigns. Email tracking is also possible.SPRING 2017
Charts15 types of graphical charts will display data from your selected lists and views, like bar, gauge, pipeline, range, radar charts… Charts are interactive and drill down to access data is available.
FavoritesSimply select and view your favorite items.SPRING 2017
Follow-up TasksThis tool allows creating a follow-up task in a mouse click.SPRING 2017
HierarchyWill display item relations in a hierarchical tree view.SPRING 2017
SearchThis tool enables searching in a specific list or the whole site.SPRING 2017
Custom FieldsColumn type performing calculations with the current list or child lists. Results will be displayed as a value or a colored flag.Not available
Field ReplicationReplicates a field value from a list to another. It’s used to perform calculations with parent-child lists.SPRING 2017
ReminderThis administration tool will send automatic email alerts based on field conditions.SPRING 2017
Form Editor (Data Editor)This tool improves SharePoint forms with intelligent lookup fields, cascading lookup rules, field permissions, collapsible sections and tabs. This will also prevent you from entering duplicates in the system.
Mail MergeMail merge will let you produce one or many formatted Word documents, like letters or reports, merging SharePoint data.SPRING 2017
QueryThis is a report generating tool. A wizard guides users to create reports, extracting data from many SharePoint lists with advanced filters.Not available
KPIThis tool displays indicators or KPIs in a scorecard view for a repeating period. Colors will be automatically set, based on targeted objectives. Average and tendency is automatically calculated.SPRING 2017
PermissionsDefine automatic SharePoint item-level permissions, based on fields and conditions.Not available
Office ConnectorThis optional module is to be installed on a user PC and works with MS Outlook 2010 and later. Users can easily select emails, events, tasks or contacts to be added in SharePoint, while keeping the context.SPRING 2017
Email MarketingAllows preparing and sending a mass email using an external email marketing tool. Lists and campaign results are synced between both systems (open rate, unsubscribes, etc.). Email credits need to be purchased separately.Not available
ImportThis wizard will guide users when importing data in one or many SharePoint lists, with duplicate handling. You can import up to 1000 items, from a csv file.SPRING 2017
Quote GeneratorThis server application will suggest contacts to be added in SharePoint and will automatically copy incoming/outgoing emails in SharePoint. This works with Exchange and Exchange online servers. Only available with a BPA server license.Not available
What’s NewEnd users instantly know about important changes in a SharePoint site for a defined period, like new published documents, high risks or audits to pay attention to. Colors will let you know about positive or negative trends.SPRING 2017
Document LinksThis component allows end users viewing parent and child items related with any list item or document. Navigation in related documents or list items is straightforward.SPRING 2017
Inline CalendarThis powerful component allows tracking recurring events (like controls, audits, training…) with ease in an inline calendar, based on the event frequency. It’s also adapted to display Gantt charts or tasks. Color schemes will highlight next occurrences, overdue or completed events/tasks.SPRING 2017
Social ConnectorThis tool will connect to a service and retrieve available social information for contacts and organizations.SPRING 2017
Web ConnectorThis wizard will guide you in generating forms to be published on the web or your self-service portal. When submitting data, it will automatically be copied in the desired SharePoint lists.
ReplicationReplicate, aggregate or consolidate data from a SharePoint site/list/view to another site. Cross server or farm replication is possible.SPRING 2017
External ConnectorThis allows mass importing or synching SQL data with SharePoint.Not available
TrackerThis tool displays items in a visual pipeline. Items are highlighted with colors, based on rules. Used for lead, opportunity, case, CAPA tracking.SPRING 2017
Workflow ActionsPilot major BPA components with a SharePoint Designer workflow. Will be available soon.Not available
Mobile AppsNative apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Highly configurable apps that deliver full relationship management with your mobile devices, even while offline. Central user management platform.Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
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