Pricing & Editions

BPA’s solutions are available in 3 editions: 365 (running on Microsoft Office 365) , Professional and Enterprise (running on SharePoint on premises). The table below indicates USD pricing for the Office 365 edition. Discounts are available for volume licensing.

ProductPricing for Office 365 (USD)
Full User (1)Reader (2)
Quality 365Starts at $39, down to $14Starts at $8, down to $3
GDPR 365Starts at $39, down to $14Starts at $8, down to $3
CRM 365Starts at $29, down to $10Starts at $6, down to $2
Solution Builder 365Starts at $19, down to $7Starts at $4, down to $1

(1) monthly pricing range for a full user license, depending on volume
(2) monthly pricing range for a reader license, depending on volume


Available components for each edition are described below.

Office 365On premises

Allows displaying colored navigation buttons with icons or a text navigation. The bar is configurable for each end user. Navigation headers are collapsible.

User Interface & Data Viewer

This central component highlights relations between lists and libraries. Important data is visible in one single page. 20+ actions directly in the page such as sending an email, mail merging a document, duplicating data and many more options.


With this tool you have more flexibility to dispose mixed BPA components in tabs and pages, like Data Viewers, Charts, KPIs, etc.


Displaying items in a calendar view with colors. Can aggregate many lists in one single calendar.

Send Email

Send one or many emails with SharePoint using shared templates. Easy recipient search in the different lists. Many options are possible to generate activities or campaigns. Email tracking is also possible.


15 types of graphical charts will display data from your selected lists and views, like bar, gauge, pipeline, range, radar charts… Charts are interactive and drill down to access data is available.


Simply select and view your favorite items.

Follow-up Tasks

This tool allows creating a follow-up task in a mouse click.


Will display item relations in a hierarchical tree view.


This tool enables searching in a specific list or the whole site.

Q3 2018ok1ok1
Flags (BPA Custom Fields)

Specific BPA column type performing calculations with the current list or child lists. Results will be displayed as a value or a colored flag. 

Not availableok1ok1
Field Replication

Replicates a field value from a list to another. It’s used to perform calculations with parent-child lists.


This administration tool will send automatic email alerts based on field conditions.

Q3 2018ok1ok1
Form Editor (Data Editor)

This tool improves SharePoint forms with intelligent lookup fields, cascading lookup rules, field permissions, collapsible sections and tabs. This will also prevent you from entering duplicates in the system.

Mail Merge

Mail merge will let you produce one or many formatted Word documents, like letters or reports, merging SharePoint data.