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Bring Engaging & Useful Solutions to Your Clients – Become a BPA Partner

Are you an independent Consultant or Consulting Office active in Quality, Compliance, Risk, Security, Environmental, Medical or Business Consulting? We have a great program for You.

Become a BPA Partner
Offer Your Clients Engaging & Useful Solutions in Becoming a BPA Partner

Digital transformation is a reality for all sizes of organizations and should be part of any continual improvement project. More and more, customers expect from consultants to provide digital solutions to support best practices.

At BPA Solutions, we want to help consultants providing simple, engaging and useful apps for continual improvement to their customers.

Benefits for End Customers

  • With BPA apps, you bring your clients disruptive cloud software solutions to reach their Quality & Industry 4.0 objectives, running on any device with Microsoft Teams and Office 365.
  • With Office 365, your clients leverage their existing Microsoft technologies to achieve more and be successful.
  • Not only your clients get high-value business consulting services, they get a digital workflow-driven continual improvement solution to support your delivered services, to be used by everyone in the daily business.

Benefits for Consultants

  • Differentiate from competitors in bringing more value to your clients, increase sales, and get rewarded.
  • BPA apps bring new opportunities for consultants to propose additional remote services to your clients and include your own branded documents and consulting tools, like gap analysis, audit checklists, management reviews, document reviews, risk monitoring, assignment of corrective actions, etc.
  • With BPA apps and Microsoft Teams, you have a single point of access to your client’s software, together with instant discussions and video conferencing.

BPA support you in presenting and selling BPA apps to your customers and guide you using apps together with your customers.

If you like modern technologies and want to propose innovative services to your clients, click here to simply express interest to be a BPA Partner now !

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