Moving from quality compliance to quality performance

Most organizations are ISO certified today and need to comply with requirements. This is usually the starting point of the quality journey of any organization.

What is Quality Performance?

Quality Performance is about improving your company’s performance through quality, and this is what this article is all about. By combining GenAI with robust automation, we step into a new generation of business process automation, introducing new AI capabilities, minimizing manual tasks, drastically improving accuracy and optimizing costs and performance. Our engineering lab, specifically dedicated to this topic, has developed game-changing use cases coupling advanced Power Automate workflows with Generative AI to respond to business-critical needs.

As organizations need to drive continuous improvement to reach unequaled performance, it is essential to ensure the continuous development of your collaborator’ skills based on quality events and related corrective actions.

A paradigm shift

With BPA’s AI-powered virtual assistant Q, corrective actions resulting from deviations, audits, risks, indicators, etc. are periodically summarized and compared with existing QMS content, ensuring compliance documents are continuously updated. When important procedures and work instructions are published, an automated GenAI-powered workflow generates training forms, collects collaborators’ answers, and verifies they have read and understood related documents. In this way, the training process is fully automated and requires no manual work. To facilitate compliance with ISO 42001 (AI Management System) and European AI Act, human approvals can be automatically collected within workflows.

With the combined power of GenAI and automation, you can start implementing a culture of precision, optimally replacing manual tasks and allowing collaborators to focus on what really matters. Q-Pilot is here to optimize time across teams and stakeholders, saving cost and boosting performance.

If you wish to see firsthand how Q-Pilot and automation allow you to enforce continuous improvement reaching unprecedented performance, register to our next webinar to discover game-changing AI-powered use cases.

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