Graphical QMS

Graphical Process-Oriented QMS

Embedded PowerPoint graphics and breadcrumb for easy process-oriented QMS navigation. A picture is worth a thousand words. Using graphics to display value-added processes helps users to understand how your company works. At BPA, we like to make things easier for end users. Starting from your own process map, users simply click to view how a […]

Intelligent Forms Applied to 8D Nonconformity Handling

BPA intelligent form for nonconformity investigation, including eSignature. It is challenging for organizations to have a central problem-solving process in place for everyone. BPA Apps for Quality and Medical Compliance are prebuilt apps to run in your Office 365 environment, and provide a central place to manage incidents, complaints and nonconformities with intelligent forms including […]

Intelligent Teams Forms

Intelligent Forms to Run on Any Device with Teams and SharePoint

Designing intelligent forms including eSignatures with the graphical BPA Form Designer. There are several limitations and constraints when using standard SharePoint forms in the context of quality, compliance or for any other business purpose. A major challenge is to display specific forms and fields to specific users in the different process steps. BPA has developed […]

Office 365 eSignature Video

eSignature for Everyone, on Any Device, with SharePoint and Office 365

Modern eSignature component to be used in your Office 365 environment. For regulated industries, electronic signature is required for a QMS software to be compliant with FDA and ISO 13485 regulations. For any organization, eSignature makes sure only authorized users approve documents or records. BPA has developed an innovative eSignature component to be used with […]

Office365 MailMerge

Generate Reports on the Fly – Modern Mail Merge Component

Generate instant reports and documents in a click of a button, including data, signatures and images. Business persons in the Quality, Compliance, Sales or any department spend a lot of time to prepare reports, like audit reports, nonconformity reports, management review reports, sales proposals, etc. We just introduced a new modern mail merge component to […]

Office 365 eSignature

Preconfigured eSignature Workflows in BPAMedical365

Prebuilt Power Automate workflow for document approval including eSignatures. BPAMedical365 is a new preconfigured modern software for medical compliance to meet regulations, like ISO 13485. It’s running on any device with Teams and SharePoint in your secure Microsoft 365 environment. More and more organizations are willing to leverage their existing Office 365 tools to manage […]

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