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Save Money in Switching to BPA Digital Solutions

Paper-based processes are cumbersome and costly. Switching to BPA digital solutions will drastically reduce cost and deliver a much more engaging experience for collaborators.

Calculate the money your company/department can save by adjusting the numbers below, based on the processes of your organization. These numbers have been prepopulated based on real use case scenarios (in USD).

Form/Document Processing


Incorrect Form Submissions


Manual Routing


Data Rekeying


Paper Processing




Form Data & Document Searching


Users spend a huge amount of time each day searching for information - an average of 37 minutes or 8% of the work day. Digital search tools can reduce search time by up to 50%.

Total Potential Annual Savings
Potential Savings Sub-Totals
Streamlined error corrections and manual updates:
Improved manual workflow processing:
Reduced data rekeying:
Shortened signature cycle time:
Decreased paper processing costs:
Saved searching costs:
Total Annual BPA Software Cost*
Return on Investment
Payback in Days

Based on BPA Quality 365 for the number of users processing forms/documents (users) and searching for form data/documents (readers).