Unlock Intelligent Quality: insights from our webinar

This month we had our second Webinar uncovering how BPA Pilot, our newly developed and AI powered virtual assistant, helps you achieve intelligent, efficient and cost effective compliance revolutionizing QMS standards and practices.

The live Q&A session was a dynamic exchange, allowing us to tailor our insights to the audience specific queries. Now, we’re excited to unveil the valuable answers that emerged, shedding light on common concerns.

Watch the video of the live Q&A session of our Webinar or read the transcript here below!


What data security measures are in place to protect sensitive information when utilizing BPA PIlot in your QMS? How can we ensure sensitive data is appropriately secured? How do we make sure certain documents are not overshared by GenAI?

As presented in the introduction with an infographic, BPA Pilot works in the trusted and secure client cloud in Microsoft 365. No data goes outside of your organization when using BPA Pilot for your internal files and data. Microsoft security applies, like multifactor authentication (avoiding unauthorized users to access, avoiding system hacking, etc.) and includes encryption of data and files. An Azure backend is needed for AI-related services, and this runs in the client cloud as well.

What is included in your quick start implementation package ?

Installing our eQMS software takes 30 minutes and it’s ready to be used because it’s fully integrated with Microsoft 365 security, user directory, and tools. All modules and workflows are preconfigured. GenAI is an optional module that is quick to setup. We usually spend a few days guiding client power users to become autonomous with our tools.

What makes BPA Pilot different from Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is dedicated to office productivity, like suggesting email content or generating office documents. BPA Pilot is leveraging GenAI in the context of Quality Management and continuous improvement and supports unlimited use cases

What ongoing support and resources are available for organizations after implementing BPA Pilot with BPAQuality365 or BPAMedical365?

Using our eQMS software for quality and medical requires a subscription. We have a new unique Flex license that clients can use as they wish. Internal and external stakeholders can populate the eQMS at no cost which is a huge cost saver! Software maintenance is included in the subscription. BPA experts are available on demand to help clients for configurations and training.

How do you foresee the future of quality management evolving with advancements in AI and machine learning technologies like BPA Pilot?

I would say AI is a chance for quality management to become a center of attention for the top management. AI is powered by data and collecting quality-related data will make it more visible to the top management. It’s incredible to see the number of organizations still working with Excel for their QMS. If we compare with salespersons, they don’t use excel sheets anymore but CRM tools. Top managers need to understand that investing 1$ in compliance will save 3$ of non-compliance.

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