Upgrade to intelligent Quality Management: awake the GenAI power in your QMS


Juni 25, 2024    
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm



The virtual companion to facilitate your daily Quality Management tasks is here! 🚀 Discover how our ingenious BPA Pilot “Q”, powered by ChatGPT, is revolutionizing QMS practices in combination with Microsoft 365 technologies.

Join us as we explore the incredible potential of our AI-boosted virtual assistant, allowing you to :

  • Achieve intelligent compliance,
  • Reach unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness,
  • Streamline content research and creation, revolutionize audit and training management and much more!

In this webinar, Dr Boris Lutz, CEO and founder of BPA Solution, and Justin Mitchell, Senior SharePoint Consultant at Consult2Cloud, will delve into the pivotal role AI plays in simplifying quality management processes and will reveal how Q revolutionizes the way users interact with BPA’s eQMS on Microsoft 365. Ready to elevate the capabilities of your QMS to new heights?


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✔️ AI’s potential in quality management : learn how AI streamlines data management, ensures rule consistency, minimizes errors, and enhances decision-making capabilities within your QMS.

✔️ Introducing Q : explore how our virtual companion Q redefines user interactions, simplifying audit and training management, facilitating compliance adherence and risk mitigation, while accelerating problem solving processes paving the way for unparalleled quality excellence.

✔️ Live demo of Q and its use cases : witness Q in action and see firsthand how it works and how it simplifies your daily QMS interactions.

✔️ Exclusive opportunity: want to experience firsthand this revolution? Be among the first three companies to test our eQMS powered by Microsoft 365 technologies and AI features and join the forefront of quality excellence.


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