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BPA eQMS software solutions benefit companies in the electronics sector by supporting customer satisfaction, supply chain management, regulatory compliance, document management, process automation and optimization, and audit management. By using these software solutions, electronics companies can ensure high product quality, streamline operations, meet regulatory requirements, improve document control, enhance productivity, and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Regulatory compliance

BPA Solutions software helps electronics companies navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance. It enables organizations to monitor and ensure compliance with quality standards and industry-specific regulations such as ISO and RoHS. The software allows companies to track and manage compliance requirements, conduct audits, and generate compliance reports. This helps electronics companies meet regulatory obligations, avoid penalties, and maintain a responsible approach to environmental and safety regulations.

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    Non-conformance tracking and customer satisfaction

    Non-conformance management is highly relevant for the electronics industry due to the nature of its products and the importance of maintaining high quality standards. BPA eQMS software helps electronics industries to report all issues on the production floor and access a digital failure catalogue, enhancing product quality and saving costs. In the competitive electronics market, customer satisfaction is crucial for business success. It’s easy to collect client satisfaction with surveys and achieve continuous improvement.

    Non-conformance tracking and customer satisfaction
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    Supply chain management

    BPA software supports efficient supply chain management in the electronics sector. It provides tools for managing supplier information, evaluating supplier performance, and tracking supplier non-conformances. The software enables companies to automate supplier qualification and include suppliers in cross-organizational processes. This helps electronics companies optimize their supply chain, ensure timely availability of materials and components, reduce costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

    Document management

    BPA eQMS software facilitates efficient document management for electronics companies. It enables companies to centralize and organize important documents such as product specifications, operating procedures, certificates, and user manuals. The software allows for easy document retrieval, version control, and collaboration among team members. This helps electronics companies maintain an organized and accessible repository of documents, streamline document workflows, and improve overall document control.

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    Process automation and optimization

    BPA software supports process automation and optimization in the electronics sector. It allows companies to digitize manual processes, streamline workflows, and eliminate inefficiencies. The software enables companies to automate tasks such as document approval, data entry, and reporting, reducing manual errors and increasing productivity. Moreover, it provides analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing companies to identify process bottlenecks, track performance metrics, and implement continuous improvement initiatives.

    Audits and inspections

    Audits and inspections are essential in the electronics industry to maintain quality, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance product safety. They provide valuable insights for process improvement and risk mitigation, contributing to the overall success and reputation of the company. The eQMS software and Audit Power Apps simplify the whole auditing process by using mobile devices, even offline.

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    100s of Customers and Counting


    Product : BPAMedical365

    Symbios is a Swiss medical technology company, and the leader in individualized orthopedic implants for hip and knee joint replacement. With over 200 employees worldwide they have been successfully audited by four different notified bodies.

    Symbios Success Story

    Product : BPAQuality365

    Groupe-E is a manufacturer, producer and distributor of electrical energy, as well as a producer of services and goods linked to the energy transition. The company has 2,600 employees, spread over around ten sites across Switzerland...

    Groupe-E Success Story
    Zuellig Pharma

    Product : BPA Quality

    We have reduced the workload of Operations and Quality by automating flows. The eQMS deployment of all our 16 markets was made easy with BPA tools. With BPA migration assistant, copying the BPA settings from one site to another was...

    Zuellig Pharma Success Story
    Imspex Medical

    Product : BPA Quality

    The key result from this partnership with BPA is that Imspex successfully achieved ISO 13485 certification in the span of nine months from signing the contract to being audited in...

    Imspex Medical Success Story
    Sakata Seed America

    Product : Quality

    "Our business is growing, along with complexity and risk. Our focus on QMS is intended to enable improved risk management, higher levels of efficiency and overall improved financial results. When asked, "What is BPA Quality?", I use...

    Sakata Seed America Success Story

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