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BPAQuality QMS powered by Microsoft 365 technologies

Reach ultimate quality with an end-to-end AI-driven eQMS

BPAQuality365® is an all-in-one QMS software built on Microsoft 365 technologies, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI, containing 30+ integrated modules to continuously improve processes from customer needs to customer satisfaction. Shift to Quality 4.0 at each stage of your value chain, from R&D to after sales, and facilitate cross-functional collaboration.

Achieve Quality 4.0 and move to an intuitive – agile – cost effective QMS !

BPAQuality365 powered by Microsoft365 technologies. Intuitive. Agile. Cost-effective.

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     enable smart quality with BPAQuality365®



    Boost user experience for everyone on any device!



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    Leverage modern, secure technologies and go smart!

    Engage All Users In your QMS

    Together with Microsoft 365, we make everyone an active participant of the continual improvement system by simplifying the access to the QMS on any device, improving transparency, auditability, and orchestrating excellence. By leveraging existing technologies used by collaborators on a daily basis without changing users habits, we make all users engaged in the QMS.

    Incident Power Apps

    Incident & failure catalogue Power Apps to use on any device, even while offline.

    Audits Made Easy Anywhere, Even Offline

    Audit Power Apps to simplify audits on any device, even while offline.

    Boost Quality With greater collaboration

    Powered by Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint, BPA Solutions provides a robust collaborative platform for the entire organization. Integrating discussions and video conferencing, BPAQuality365® enables cross-functional synergies, even with external stakeholders, through secured workspaces and workflows. Shift to instant quality improvement with BPA Solutions!

    Agile QMS To Meet Your Unique Needs

    As quality experts, we designed an agile QMS software to meet various organization’s unique needs. Thanks to our modular components and flexible workflow automation, clients have full control over adapting the software while implementing the best Quality Management practices possible. BPAQuality365®’s modular components boost Microsoft’s capabilities, providing a great user experience while filling in the gaps of missing features required for a high-performing QMS.

    Software and Automated Workflows

    Get full control to change the software and automated workflows.

    Be Smarter with AI & Cognitive Search

    Boost efficiency and optimize costs by using BPA Pilot and Cognitive Search

    Be Smarter with AI & Cognitive Search

    We use artificial intelligence (AI) for users to find quickly the right information. By asking common questions to a chatbot, as what are my actions, last non-conformances or my pending document reviews, users don’t need to access the QMS software. We introduced the “find similar” option for users to find similar documents or non-conformances based on machine learning. Simplify your daily activities, quickly find correlations and facilitate problem solving with our integrated AI-powered features!

    An all-in-one, ready-to-use platform for ultimate efficiency

    Simplify quality management, automate processes, and take faster decisions with BPAQuality365®’s modules:

    • Document control
    • Audit management
    • Non-conformances management
    • Risk management
    • Supplier management
    • CAPA actions
    • Equipment management
    • Information security
    • Training management
    • Change management
    • Process management
      Power extensions - elevating what you can achieve with your eQMS

      Empower your teams to reach their goals faster

      Leverage BPA’s Power Extensions and boost your teams productivity while making sure your eQMS is populated daily with high quality data:

      • Audit Power App
      • Incident Power App
      • Equipment Power App
      • Document Power App
      • Workflows and Power Bi templates
      • Teams extensions with Teams Forms and Teams Productivity
      • AI-powered extensions with BPA Pilot

      Achieve More With Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI

      BPA continually explores new areas to use innovative tools in the context of quality management, as cross-system automated workflows, generic Power Apps for incident and audit management, extensions to interact with the QMS while chatting in Teams, prebuilt Power BI reports, and AI tools to find the right documents. Working alongside Microsoft since 15+ years, BPA Solutions has been awarded with the Microsoft Preferred Status.

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        Customer Success Stories

        100s of Customers and Counting


        Product : BPAMedical365

        Symbios is a Swiss medical technology company, and the leader in individualized orthopedic implants for hip and knee joint replacement. With over 200 employees worldwide they have been successfully audited by four different notified bodies.

        Symbios Success Story

        Product : BPAQuality365

        Groupe-E is a manufacturer, producer and distributor of electrical energy, as well as a producer of services and goods linked to the energy transition. The company has 2,600 employees, spread over around ten sites across Switzerland...

        Groupe-E Success Story
        Zuellig Pharma

        Product : BPA Quality

        We have reduced the workload of Operations and Quality by automating flows. The eQMS deployment of all our 16 markets was made easy with BPA tools. With BPA migration assistant, copying the BPA settings from one site to another was...

        Zuellig Pharma Success Story
        Imspex Medical

        Product : BPA Quality

        The key result from this partnership with BPA is that Imspex successfully achieved ISO 13485 certification in the span of nine months from signing the contract to being audited in...

        Imspex Medical Success Story
        Sakata Seed America

        Product : Quality

        "Our business is growing, along with complexity and risk. Our focus on QMS is intended to enable improved risk management, higher levels of efficiency and overall improved financial results. When asked, "What is BPA Quality?", I use...

        Sakata Seed America Success Story

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