How to use BPA Apps in Microsoft Teams?

It’s easy to access BPA apps directly in Microsoft Teams together with instant discussions and video conferencing.

The simplest way is to add a shortcut from an existing Team. Another way is to install the BPA app as a Teams app in the main Teams navigation.

From an existing Team, as a Team owner, you can add a new tab to display your BPA SharePoint app. Note that members invited in this team should be granted an access to the BPA app in SharePoint.

All capabilities from BPA app are available in the Teams interface.

Adding BPA as a Teams app in the main navigation is also possible. This would be interesting especially for users using the Teams mobile app and who need a quick access to their QMS from Teams. This scenario requires BPA to package the Teams app for you, contact your BPA administrator in case you’re interested.

As a conclusion, using BPA apps directly in Teams is a great experience, especially for workers on the field using Teams mobile app.