How to create child items from a parent form?

Since the last CU04-2022, you will be able to create child items from a parent form. For example, you can create an action directly from the nonconformity form.

The + New option displays on the top of the form. Simply select the child list and content type you want to create an item. The child form opens and parent data will be prefilled automatically.

The good news is you don’t need to configure anything. The displayed forms match child item configurations defined in the master detail component, for the selected main list. This means you can create child items from a form when using the master detail component only (and not a data viewer). Modifying child item configurations in the master detail component will automatically change child items visible in the form.

Please note this option will work for existing items only (and not new items).

As a conclusion, users can create related child items from a parent form, with no need to change context.