How to create your own custom buttons?

With BPA apps, you can create your own custom buttons to display to end users. Custom buttons will be used for redirecting users to specific pages. This video shows typical examples.

  • Users can request for a new document from the compliance documents page, and will be redirected to the document request page.
  • The document preview button would change the display mode to document preview. In this case, the master detail component allows to quickly preview documents.
  • All nonconformities are displayed in this page, but users can view completed ones by clicking a button. The back button allows to come back to all nonconformities.
  • To allow readers to add a nonconformity or improvement proposal, a button opens the dedicated Microsoft Form in a new window.
  • For quickly accessing a nonconformity report, decision makers will click a button to open a Power BI dashboard, without losing context.
  • The calendar button allows to view audits in calendar mode.

Custom buttons can be used to redirect users to any specific URL inside or outside the BPA app. Advanced possibilities will come soon.

For displaying custom buttons in pages, just refer to the video: How to select buttons to display in pages.

As a conclusion, you can create your own custom buttons to maximize user experience and keep context when working in the app.