How to manage parent items in child list forms?

A cool feature has been introduced to manage parent lookup columns. Imagine you want to be able to link a document with a core process and view core process values by alphabetical order or view filtered values for core processes. Or imagine you want to be able to add a new core process item or edit an existing one directly from this document form.

The form lookup configurator allows you to do this. Create a new parent lookup configuration directly from the compliance document form. It’s quick and easy to do.

Make sure you have prepare a view with the columns you want to display including sorting and filtering. The good practice is to create “BPA Lookup” views for lookup configurations. Let’s add a default action button to add or edit parent lookup items, and save configuration.

Preview your form. Verify the core process values display like expected and the 3 dots menu appears above the column, so it’s possible to add a new core process or edit an existing one.

As a conclusion, you can now manage parent items in any child list form with no need for users to change page.