How displaying pages in full width layout?

Improve the page layout when working with content and maximize user experience.

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With BPA Apps, you can view documents or items with highly configurable DataViewer (DV) and Master Detail (MD) components.

When creating a new modern page and adding a webpart, your page won’t be full width because Microsoft reserves a place on the right side to add a vertical section. Also some space is reserved for the page title. This is also the case with a DV and MD components.

Maximizing the page layout when working with apps will improve user experience.

Use the Pages Style configuration tool in the BPA Settings to toggle modern pages to full-width layout. Make sure to add a title to your MD/DV configuration so you get a title for your page. Also, make sure you have one single DV or MD component in your page prior toggling to full-width layout (because only one webpart will remain).

We recommend to always use full width layout with DV and MD components.

As a conclusion, you have learned how to improve page layout when working with content.