How to display custom help text to end users?

It’s important to get users understanding QMS good practices and guide them using the app. For this matter, you can display your own help text, images and hyperlinks in any page in the app.

The bulb icon for help will be only visible when help text has been added for the page. By clicking the bulb icon, the help panel opens on the right.

In the site content, there is a Help Topics list to add your help text for each page. You can add new help text by giving a title and add your content and images. A good practice is to set the title as the name of the page where you want this text to appear, for example risk.

When adding an image, you will need to add the image URL. The good practice is to drag and drop images or screenshots in the site assets library.

Finally, you can select the site page where your want the help text to be displayed.

Make sure users adopt your QMS and understand about the value of it. Users are the engine of your continual improvement system… The help panel will guide them to use it !