How to Select Questions for Audits – BPA Item Selector

The BPA Item Selector is a major feature, it’s now easy to select items from a list to be added in another list. Typical use cases are questions to be added to audits, select competencies for collaborators, or select participants for a training.

When preparing an audit, auditors can simply select questions from a library, and filter by regulation, clause, or chapter, and avoid duplicates. During the audit, questions can be assessed and notes can be added.

To enable this powerful feature, open the master detail configurator and select a child list to enable the item selector, like audit questions.

The configurator allows you can map fields to be added in the destination list, like question from the source list, audit type from the parent list. Don’t forget to link lookup columns with the parent audit and the source question.

By clicking the select items button, a popup opens to select questions. For example you can select all questions for a filtered clause. Once saved, all questions have been copied for the audit. When selecting questions again, the tool makes sure each question can be added once only.

Thanks to the item selector, it’s possible to build reports which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

The item selector brings huge value when linking items together, with no need of complex workflows.