How to Navigate in BPA Apps?

The BPA navigation bar allows end users to navigate in the different software modules, based on permissions. Power users can select between a vertical navigation or permanent horizontal navigation. Options allows to define categories, links and permissions as you want.

In the BPA settings, power users have access to the Navigation Links configuration.

The new navigation type option lets you select a vertical navigation (always collapsed) with a configurable button (like QMS Navigation), or an always visible horizontal navigation.

Categories are groups of links by topic. You can add new categories or edit existing ones. For unused modules, you can simply hide categories or links for everyone.

For each category, it’s easy to create new links or edit existing ones. Options let you select an icon, color, and URL and open in for your link.

By default everyone can view all navigation items.

Permissions let you define which SP group(s) can view navigation categories or links. When empty, links inherit permissions from the parent category. Simply type a few letters to search for a SP group. You can select many groups. Note that permissions apply on navigation categories and links but not page URLs and content.

As a conclusion, the BPA navigation allows users to easily access their topics of interests.