How to Display Forms in Read Only?

The display form allows to view an item details while keeping the edit form formatting. This improves user experience when navigating in pages.

The display form can be activated in list pages by using the DataViewer component. Users access detailed information while keeping in the page. The form opens the current nonconformity step and contributors can start editing the form right away.

The display form can be activated in detail pages by using the MasterDetail component. The big benefit is to keep the same formatting in both display and edit forms. In this example, only one tab has been added with visual columns in the master detail component.

Simply open the data viewer or MD configurator to add the view button.

In a dataviewer, you can select the option to open the display form by selecting the show quick preview in front of each item.

The display form improves user experience by keeping the same format when viewing or editing items.