How to Set Reminder Notifications?

The BPA reminder tool allows power users to set generic rules for end users to get reminded about late actions, pending documents to review or opportunities to close. A single notification is sent to assignees with all items pending their attention, at your defined frequency.

With the emails configuration menu, you first need to define an email service for reminder notification, generally Graph is used. Make sure your site administrator has installed the needed permissions for Graph. Simply select an email sender user account (usually a system account). Save and test configuration. You should receive a confirmation and a test email in your inbox.

Back in BPA Settings, open the Reminders menu to create or edit reminder configurations.

Typical reminders are : pending documents to review, approve or revise, late actions, etc.

Usually reminders are sent per batch. Define days in the month, or week and time when reminders should be sent. Set conditions, recipients and text messages to be sent.

Users will get reminder notifications in Outlook, in this example my late actions as assigned person.

When using the adaptive card layout, users get interactive notifications like a checklist and complete items one after one.

With the reminder tool, you make sure tasks are done timely and processes keep efficient.