BPA SharePoint Mail Merge

BPA Mail Merge for SharePoint is a tool dedicated to end users for producing one or many mail merge documents directly from the SharePoint interface.

Super users can easily create formatted mail merge templates with Microsoft Word, including mail merge tags. When mail merging a document, tags will be replaced by SharePoint values coming from one or many related lists. Merging images is also possible.

Using BPA Data Viewer, super users can add selection buttons including necessary parameters to generate a mail merge document in one click, drastically simplifying the mail merge process.

End users can produce formatted documents by pressing a selection button. Using the mail merge wizard, end users will be guided in the different steps to produce one or many documents. Typical mail merge document are letters, labels, meeting or project reports, etc.

For end users, BPA mail merge brings huge benefits:

  • produce formatted documents without leaving the SharePoint interface
  • simplifying the process with one-click mail merge
  • user-friendly wizard to help end users during the mail merge process
  • document properties of mail merge documents are automatically updated

BPA mail merge significantly improve user’s experience with SharePoint.

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