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BPA Incident & Failure Catalogue Power Apps

Report All Events In The QMS

Incident Power Apps

The app is dedicated to frontline and back-office collaborators to facilitate the registration of incidents, nonconformities or events anywhere even offline, on any device. Users can take photos and notes while registering incidents. Any registered event will be synchronized back in the BPA software. Automated workflows ensure the right people are alerted, the incident is investigated, and corrective actions are effective.

BPA Failure Catalogue Power Apps

Failure Catalogue Power Apps

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Take Faster Decision with a Failure Catalogue

We designed the app to match 2 major usages, incident registration and failure catalogue. Selected incidents can be added in a failure catalogue to be displayed in the app and browsed by frontline workers on production lines, simplifying decisions about product acceptance without asking line managers.

Combining the front-end Incident Power Apps and backend QMS software, enterprises get an end-to-end solution for optimal problem solving, allowing everyone to report incidents easily with any device, anywhere.

Incident and Failure Catalogue App on Microsoft Power Apps

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success stories

100s of Customers and Counting

Zuellig Pharma

Product : BPA Quality

We have reduced the workload of Operations and Quality by automating flows. The eQMS deployment of all our 16 markets was made easy with BPA tools. With BPA migration assistant, copying the BPA settings from one site to another was...

Zuellig Pharma Success Story
Imspex Medical

Product : BPA Quality

The key result from this partnership with BPA is that Imspex successfully achieved ISO 13485 certification in the span of nine months from signing the contract to being audited in...

Imspex Medical Success Story
Sakata Seed America

Product : Quality

"Our business is growing, along with complexity and risk. Our focus on QMS is intended to enable improved risk management, higher levels of efficiency and overall improved financial results. When asked, "What is BPA Quality?", I use...

Sakata Seed America Success Story

Product : Quality

SMS gives us a great opportunity to manage all business processes that are necessary to keep our companies running and to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 rules and regulations. The solution was recently extended and we are nearly ready...

Securitas Success Story
Belgium and Luxembourg
Cleaveland / Price

Product : BPA Quality

In late 2020, Cleaveland/Price obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for the first time. BPA Solutions was instrumental in C/P’s journey to ISO 9001:2015 compliance. Not only do our employees find BPA Solutions easy to navigate, but...

Cleaveland / Price Success Story

Microsoft 365 is the Right Technology For Your QMS

Report All Events In The QMS

Report all Events in the QMS

Get more data to analyze, improve processes and reduce the cost of non-quality.

Take Faster Decisions

Take Faster Decisions

No need to ask line managers, get quick product acceptance info in the failure catalogue.

Runs On Power Apps

Runs on Power Apps

Power Apps brings ultimate Office 365 integration.

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