BPAQuality365® is now available on Microsoft AppSource!

This is great news for BPA and all communities interested in quality management, eQMS software solutions, and the whole Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

BPAQuality365® is the most advanced AI-driven eQMS powered by Microsoft 365. Now available to be simply downloaded from Microsoft AppSource, it is quickly installed in your own tenant. You can test the app for 30 days at no cost and subscribe later to keep on using its features.

Our development team worked hard to make this happen and simplify as much as possible the installation process. The result is a streamlined experience when installing the app and provisioning all needed modules to comply with regulations. End users can start improving quality right away.

All apps on Microsoft AppSource must meet certain quality standards and pass a validation process. This ensures that users get high-quality apps, and it pushes developers to maintain high standards for our products, strengthening BPA’s brand reputation and credibility. As Microsoft ensures that all apps on its AppSource platform comply with industry regulations and security standards, it is safe to say that BPAQuality365® is, today, the most secure place for your QMS data.

We are proud to provide the Microsoft 365 community with a professional eQMS solution interfacing with all Microsoft technologies, as Office 365, Dynamics 365, OpenAi and more. Using the BPA quality software, end users seamlessly connect with Dynamics 365 Business Central, avoiding redundant data in both systems. BPAQuality365® extends D365 with powerful features to manage compliance documents, audits, risks, and continuous improvement.

Our apps are designed for business users in the quality and compliance area. Providing our apps in the Microsoft AppSource platform ensures a global reach for our targeted audience, increasing visibility of our products.

Test BPAQuality365® in your tenant now!

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