Happy Customers Are Vocal Customers

The solution is easy-to-use and all the key steps of the Mail Management Service are now performed quicker and more efficiently. The objective to achieving 96% of mail responses in time is now reached systematically and the client’s satisfaction has been improved substantially.

City of Lausanne – Switzerland

BPA CRM is much more than a CRM, It’s a great solution platform! With the server licenses we purchased we were able to not only rapidly configure BPA CRM as we wanted but also to create and configure other business solutions such as project management, service and spare parts management, recruiting management, training management, budgeting and controlling, contract management and ticketing helpdesk all that with a tight integration to our SAP environment. In the next evolution phase, we are going to enhance access with BPA mobile solutions for our sales and service organizations to fully automate service reporting, parts management and service invoicing for mobile workers. We chose BPA CRM over many other CRM systems not only because it gives the best Total Cost of Ownership but also because it’s by far the most flexible solution. No other solutions we know is able to adapt with so few effort and at that speed to our continuous changing business processes. With BPA, business drives IT and not the other way around.

Lorenz Diessbacher, Head of IT, Frimo Group, DE

As we are BPA Partners, I am confident in their development and SharePoint solutions. BPA enables us to extend Microsoft SharePoint and to, finally use all of its capabilities!

Olivier Furnémont, Senior Consultant – C-Services

Since we are BPA’s partners, I have to say that I swear only by their components and SharePoint solutions. They enable us to extend Microsoft SharePoint and to, finally, use all of its power.

The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) – UK

Fera held a competition among staff to come up with a name for the CRM, which is now known as Connections. Today, Connections is adopted and working as a corporate system within Fera and is used to manage customer and stakeholder intelligence, sales activity, customer pipelines, customer communications and stakeholder contact details across both its public and private sector activity.

The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) – UK

We have used several CRM solutions in the past. BPA CRM is the most flexible, easy to use CRM solution we have seen.

Jim Thomas, IT Manager – Synesis International – United States

With our vast network and operations in many countries around the Globe, Li & Fung selected BPA CRM due to its excellent flexibility in configuration. The deployment process was very straightforward and works seamlessly on our SharePoint 2010 environment. In the long run, we anticipate this product to align strategically into our IT portfolio, and be very beneficial to the management for tactical analysis.

Li & Fung, Singapore

BPA CRM has become the backbone of our business. It is the first application our Principals and Analysts open each morning.

Rob Cummings, IT Manager – Falfurrias Capital – United States

Fera looked for a Customer Relationship Management tool that was intuitive to use and would work ‘out of the box’ with minimum customisation. Users from across the organisation were involved in developing the list of requirements and also in the evaluation of potential solutions. The selected system was the BPA CRM solution. Internal users found the basic interface to be intuitive to use and liked its integration with MS Outlook.

The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) – United Kingdom

We chose BPA CRM because of its flexibility, integration capabilities to existing external systems and its lower cost.

Vaughn Hammond, IT – State of Alaska – US

We looked at different programs, but decided to use BPA CRM because of the flexibility the system gives us in creating different views and lists, as well as user-friendly solutions to import and export data.

Hera Helicopters SA – United States

We know we could start with a limited scope and then make the tool evolve because BPA CRM (renamed Fast Track) is very easy to adapt to our processes by our internal staff and with little or no development

Martin Jones, Business IT Manager – SCA Packaging – Belgium

BPA QUALITY helped us reducing by 50% the time needed to track non conformances and their related actions. The previous time-consuming work to prepare quality meeting is now over.

Alain Personeni, Quality Manager – Ulysse Nardin – Switzerland

By implementing the BPA Solutions CRM system, we literally “hit the street running”. The system fit right on our existing platform and is, contrary to many other CRM systems, easy to customize to our needs.

Maarten Groeneveld, Managing Director – Diethelm Travel – Thailand

We use BPA CRM since 2010 and are absolutely convinced with the product. It is fully developed around SharePoint and provides a powerful customization function

Christophe Clement, Head of Service Engineering – Steris, Switzerland

With BPA CRM our sales management team can efficiently and seamlessly stay in touch with evolving opportunities and reach out to the field sales personnel to help close business

Todd J. Gilman, President – Circa™ Information Technologies – United States