Happy Customers Are Vocal Customers

The solution is easy-to-use and all the key steps of the Mail Management Service are now performed quicker and more efficiently. The objective to achieving 96% of mail responses in time is now reached systematically and the client’s satisfaction has been improved substantially.

City of Lausanne – Public/Government – Switzerland

Before, when a customer complaint was registered, we have made a customer-specific response using Word, Excel and emails. We have used 5-10 not-related documents to manage complaints. With BPA, we have a structured process that is accessible to anyone. We have reduced the time to manage customer complaints by 50%.

Rolf Hänggi – Manufacturing – Switzerland

The greatest benefit for TCR is to have one group-wide solution which enforces such an international organization to follow a structured problem-solving process. The output for TCR is a better quality of services, an improved safety for their employees and their clients.

TCR Group – Services – Belgium

Now, we instantly know if our processes – spread over Belgium and Luxembourg – are described or not. By introducing the solution abroad, we were able to share over 90% of our existing processes and speed up the implementation of the tool in a foreign country/entity as we only had to focus on describing certain deviations.

Securitas – Services – Belgium

BPA’s logic works the way we work. Having used the software for few weeks, it became clear to us what we wanted to achieve with it. After 3 days of inhouse and online sessions, we were autonomous to extend the solution by adding custom-made modules for employee evaluation and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA).

Rolf Hänggi – Manufacturing – Switzerland

Since we are BPA’s partners, I have to say that I swear only by their components and SharePoint solutions. They enable us to extend Microsoft SharePoint and to, finally, use all of its power.

The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) – UK

BPA Quality is much more than a QMS solution, it’s our company-wide business management tool. We track HR processes, employee training, audits, knowledge and risks in a central location, replacing cumbersome paper systems.

Spectratime – Space – Switzerland

What we were able to build out with BPA was so much more that we used to do before, this lead to a more in-depth incident handling in the same time with better traceability.

Saving Sight – Nonprofit – United States

Since we are BPA’s partners, I have to say that I swear only by their components and SharePoint solutions. They enable us to extend Microsoft SharePoint and to, finally, use all of its power.

The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) – Food/Government – UK

With BPA CRM and PowerBI, Fulton County Schools has been able to leverage their existing SharePoint Online infrastructure to create a Community Relationship Management system that meets the needs of the schools, the Community Relationship team, the partners, and ultimately the students who rely on the community partners to support their learning.

Fulton County Schools – Education – United States

BPA Quality brought better visibility to the organization and the notification process has greatly improved the communication across departments. Managers are gaining a better pulse on current activities and instant insight on the incidents that are open and the varying statuses. In the case of reoccurring incidents, managers can pull up previous incidents easily and access the information they need. In 2019 an integration with Teams and Power BI will bring additional collaboration and insights to Saving Sight.

Saving Sight – Nonprofit – United States

EN 9100 auditors are very demanding about how problems are investigated and how root causes are established to avoid similar issues in the future. With BPA Quality we have guidance on the whole non-conformance process and all information is centralized in one single place.

Kugler Bimetal – Manufacturing – Switzerland

We have used several CRM solutions in the past. BPA CRM is the most flexible, easy to use CRM solution we have seen.

Jim Thomas, IT Manager – Synesis International – United States

The CRM customization itself was done by Privacon during and after online BPA training sessions. The flexibility of the tool was very helpful, and, with the very productive training sessions, 2 days of consultancy were enough for first level of customization.

Privacon – Finance – Germany

SMS gives us a great opportunity to manage all business processes that are necessary to keep our companies running and to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 rules and regulations. The solution was recently extended and we are nearly ready with the implementation of the system for the GDPR and ISMS regulations for Securitas.

Securitas – Services – Belgium

Fera looked for a Customer Relationship Management tool that was intuitive to use and would work ‘out of the box’ with minimum customisation. Users from across the organisation were involved in developing the list of requirements and also in the evaluation of potential solutions. The selected system was the BPA CRM solution. Internal users found the basic interface to be intuitive to use and liked its integration with MS Outlook.

The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) – Food/Government – UK

We chose BPA CRM because of its flexibility, integration capabilities to existing external systems and its lower cost.

State of Alaska – Government – US

We looked at different programs, but decided to use BPA CRM because of the flexibility the system gives us in creating different views and lists, as well as user-friendly solutions to import and export data.

Hera Helicopters SA – Transport – United States

As a measurable result, process owners start to be autonomous to pilot their units. A preventive mindset is emerging in the company. The goal to have an integrated management system is reached, like required by ISO 9001.

Fondation Silo – Medical/Social – Switzerland

BPA QUALITY helped us reducing by 50% the time needed to track non conformances and their related actions. The previous time-consuming work to prepare quality meeting is now over.

Ulysse Nardin – Manufacturing – Switzerland

By implementing the BPA Solutions CRM system, we literally “hit the street running”. The system fit right on our existing platform and is, contrary to many other CRM systems, easy to customize to our needs.

Diethelm Travel – Travel – Thailand

BPA will make it easier for our organization to reach new quality standards for the industry sectors we are targeting. In the future, when we will face any heavy and complex process, we know we will be able to do it better with BPA.

Rolf Hänggi – Manufacturing – Switzerland

Power BI dashboards give insight into the overall community relationship landscape and promote better collaboration and communication. FCS is looking forward to further expansion of BPA CRM, and several new use cases are under consideration.

Fulton County Schools – Education – United States