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BPA Pocket App – Your QMS in the Pocket

Pocket App

Bring your QMS in the pocket with the BPA Pocket Power Apps.

At BPA, we aim at making everyone an actor of your continuous improvement system.

Imagine all collaborators having a one-click access to their relevant forms and data. We achieved this with the BPA Pocket Power Apps.

In a recent project, we configured a Power Apps for end users to access relevant forms, data and documents for their daily use with their favorite device. End users love using it and we decided to propose the same approach to all customers.

The app works as a shortcut to access important data-entry forms (e.g. improvement proposal, nonconformities, training record,…), procedures, work instructions, and any other useful information to accomplish daily activities. The app is especially useful for collaborators on the move, on the shop floor and back office collaborators.

Dedicated pocket apps can be generated on the fly, with no need of any coding. Each app would contain links to specific information by work process and activity type, for example:

  • Workers on the field
  • Workers on production lines
  • Back office collaborators
  • New onboarded collaborators

For example, the app drastically facilitates new employee onboarding with links to specific documents and information needed to understand your company value-added processes.

With BPA Pocket Apps you get access to your most important QMS information right from your pocket.

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