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Tips From Townsend: BPA Web Connector Tool

Did you know that you can collect information via forms on your public website, and then submit that data into your SharePoint site?  The BPA Web Connector provides an easy-to-configure tool to do this.  No complicated coding.  No advanced connection strings.  Just design your form and copy and paste the resulting code into your website page.  The BPA Web Connecter has some really unique abilities, such as being able to include fields from multiple SharePoint lists.  Select any columns from your SharePoint site and have them collect information from your users on your website.  This simple tool has been used in many cases, such as a contact form to:

  • Collect contact details for following up with a potential customer
  • Complete a recruiting form for job applicants that includes the ability to select from a list of job positions
  • Upload a resume with your online application


There are many uses for forms and the BPA Web Connector makes the creation process as simple as it can be. Collect business critical statistics and customer data with the click of a few buttons!
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