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Measurable Benefits of Using BPA’s Quality Software

Quality is what businesses can ultimately use to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It’s what keep customers loyal and satisfied. A quality management system eliminates defects, ensuring you’re consistently creating quality products and services that meet expectations.

The QMS market is growing promisingly at a double-digit rate. Recent studies demonstrate CEO’s top concerns is regulation and compliance; CEO’s investments in risk and compliance will increase the next 3 years; US companies will invest millions on GDPR readiness (PWC, Accenture, 2018).

BPA’s mission is to develop regulatory platform & software solutions – Quality, Risk, GDPR – with maximal user experience, to improve organizations’ processes, products, services and simplify regulatory compliance.

BPA’s software is unique because it’s powered by the leading collaborative Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint technologies and fueled by the most flexible no-code app building platform. What makes our software unique also brings unique measurable benefits to our clients:

Topic Pains Gains with BPA
Customer satisfaction
  • Number of complaints
  • Time to treat complaints
  • Recurring complaints
  • Reduce number of complaints by detecting issues earlier
  • Reduce time to treat customer requests and integrate customers in automated flows
  • Increase customer satisfaction, win loyal customers (meet client expectations, eliminate defects early, etc.)
Cost of non-quality
  • Cost of not managing risks
  • Cost of non-conformances
  • Supplier non-quality
  • Cost of losing customers
  • Cost of downtime in production
  • Poor image, reputation
  • Cost of waste…
  • Higher fines (GDPR, environment, health, quality, security…)
  • Save cost by reducing number of errors and manage risks effectively, avoid problems occur again
  • Integrate clients/suppliers in the system and improve the end-to-end supply chain
  • Detect problems earlier (audits, risks, indicators, etc.)
  • Engage collaborators in the QMS, develop a proactive attitude
  • Increase revenues through better products, services loved by customers
  • Get a unique solution for global-compliance (GDPR-Quality-Risk)
Continuous improvement
  • Employees responsibility no clearly established
  • Insufficient employee skills and training
  • Poor collaborator engagement, low motivation
  • Disconnected processes with poor interactions
  • Centralized QMS with poor employee engagement
  • No competition differentiation
  • Rigid, non-flexible QMS software
  • Establish clear employee responsibilities, train collaborators, decentralize QMS, reduce operator errors
  • Link all improvement processes together and engage process owners
  • Differentiate through quality of your products, services
  • Get full control on your QMS template using no-code “Lego” bricks and let the software adapt to your processes on the long-term.
Process efficiency
  • Heavy cumbersome paper systems, form/paper processing
  • Rekeying data in many files
  • No real-time reporting
  • Automate, optimize and standardize processes (e.g. reducing time to handle incidents by 50% and more)
  • Reduce number of paper documents
  • Reduce time to process forms/documents
  • Reducing time to search for information
  • Faster decision making
  • Powerful BI reports

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  • ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, 16949, 27001, etc.
  • FDA, EU regulations
  • GDPR, data privacy regulations
  • Internal Control Systems (COSO)
Simplify regulatory compliance and meet regulations with one solution for global compliance
  • Siloed departments with lack of communication
  • Cumbersome paper systems, lots of Excel files, etc.
  • Poor access to QMS
  • Share and work together, seamless collaboration, instant discussions
  • Better connect with external customers and suppliers
  • Automate processes, get automated alerts and reminders
  • Connect with other tools, web services
  • Works on any device, anywhere
  • Improve compliance & security

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