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Boost Productivity with our Failure Catalogue Power Apps

Workers on production and assembly lines have to take difficult decisions about product quality acceptance. They often refer to antiquated paper systems with low quality product images.

With BPA Incident and Failure Catalogue Power Apps, frontline workers take faster decisions without asking managers, boosting productivity.

Failure Catalogue Power Apps

The app can be used in clear or dark mode to search the failure catalogue or register incidents.

By providing tablets on production lines and cleanrooms, workers can search the failure catalogue, compare products with high resolution images, and take the right decisions about product acceptance from their working place.

The app runs on any device, like phones or tablets, interfacing with native device capabilities like geolocation and camera. Anyone can report an incident by taking photos, even offline, like supplier issues (incoming inspection), stakeholder visits, and internal issues.

The app interfaces with BPA software for integrated quality. An automated workflow ensures each step is done to prevent a similar incident to occur again. At the end of the 8D process, the incident is published in the failure catalogue including photos, remedies and client acceptance criteria.

Shift to Quality 4.0, boost efficiency of your production lines, and improve quality of your products by using our modern Power Apps for incident management and failure catalogue.

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