Announcing ChatGPT for your internal eQMS data

BPA proudly announces the release of BPA Pilot, a generative AI-based tool, supporting end users in improving quality of the delivered products and services, boosting efficiency and optimizing costs. 

BPA Pilot is a virtual companion for asking questions and getting informative answers related to your internal eQMS content and/or external Internet-based data. The tool works like a chatbot and can be used from both the BPA software or from Microsoft Teams. Based on the eQMS modules used and the context, BPA Pilot suggests preconfigured questions guiding end users to solve a non-conformance, implement a root cause analysis, propose corrective actions or content to comply with regulations. Prompting for external data, like ISO or FDA regulations, the BPA Pilot helps populating the eQMS and supports end users to better understand requirements and good practices. Thanks to the BPA Pilot, the eQMS becomes a key venue for employees to find and learn about company processes and regulations, simplifying the onboarding process, and ultimately saving costs.


When searching the eQMS, Generative AI provides quick access to referenced documents and documents sections

When coaching end users on important internal procedures, generative AI provides useful content for training documentation and quizzes to test collaborator’s knowledge, ensuring everyone is aware of key roles and responsibilities within the Quality Management System.

Auditing the eQMS is mandatory to renew ISO certificates and keep your clients on the long term. BPA Pilot allows auditors to produce an audit checklist based on non-conformances and not effective actions for a specific timeframe. The tool can additionally generate a list of questions to comply with specific regulations and chapters. This will drastically save auditors’ time and greatly improve audits’ efficiency.

Preparing the mandatory management review requires a lot of work, since all quality events need to be collected for a specific timeframe. Generative AI supports quality managers in preparing the management review agenda and report by summarizing quality events with their related actions and effectiveness, hence saving a lot of time and avoiding cumbersome tasks.

Compliance documents contain company’s guidelines and good practices which are needed to comply with quality regulations. With BPA Pilot get recommendations and receive structured content in accordance with specific ISO clauses and chapters, saving time when creating or reviewing documents. Generative AI additionally facilitates the revision of documents, simplifying therefore document control.

When a new event is registered in the eQMS, as a non-conformance, BPA Pilot is automatically triggered to alert specified team members in a real-time discussion flow, radically speeding up the decision-making process. An interactive card displays details about the non-conformance providing an option to search for similarities, simplifying the problem-solving process.

Specific AI models can be additionally prepared based on the type of information or topic. For example, tutorials to guide employees using the BPA software can be indexed in a separate AI model. BPA Pilot provides end users with a central tool to search for internal content by topic and external data, drastically improving efficiency and reducing operational cost.

AI models like chatGPT – leveraged by BPA Pilot – can quickly process large volumes of data and are available 24/7, ensuring consistent application of rules and standards. Minimizing human mistakes, it greatly improves data quality while reducing operational costs. It can also understand and apply complex regulatory requirements, aiding in being compliant with standards like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001. Advanced AI models can anticipate future trends or issues, enabling risk management and facilitating strategic decision making. AI can also efficiently train staff on QMS procedures, manage document control processes, and provide ongoing support.

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