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Simplify Supplier Qualification & Evaluation with BPA Apps

Supplier Management Flow

Typical automated supplier management workflow in BPAQuality365.

A typical requirement in quality standards is to qualify and evaluate relevant suppliers.

We make it easy and agile with BPA Apps to comply with regulations and meet your own supplier management needs.

An usual supplier management process flow in BPA App allows to:

  • register suppliers
  • categorize suppliers (e.g. by importance)
  • qualify suppliers (through a set of questions)
  • approve suppliers (through an automated approval workflow)
  • periodically evaluate suppliers (through an automated evaluation workflow)

Supplier Form

Example of a supplier qualification form with configurable qualification questions.

Suppliers can be registered in BPA Apps by filling in a digital form. The form is highly configurable to include the supplier importance (e.g. ABC analysis), address, qualification questions, and other attributes.

The qualification section of the form includes your dedicated questions, like

  • Is the supplier certified?
  • Is the supplier critical to your business?
  • Is the supplier contract higher than a certain amount?
  • Is the supplier operating in a prohibited country?
  • etc…

An automated workflow verifies answers to these questions and pre qualify or reject the supplier. If the supplier is pre qualified, an approval notification is sent to the concerned persons and the supplier gets updated as qualified or rejected.

A second automated workflow starts for the supplier evaluation. The evaluation form includes your predefined questions. Evaluation result is calculated, compared to the required acceptance level, and notifications are sent to the concerned employees. When needed, an improvement request is automatically sent to the supplier.

Forms, app pages and automated workflows can be easily configured based on your needs.

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